View Full Version : Sig 220 trigger return spring

chris in va
February 9, 2008, 09:45 PM
This is really bothering me.

I've had my older 220 for a couple years, never a problem with it. Yesterday I put the Hogue fingergroove grips on the gun, took it to the range today...and after 20 rounds the trigger wouldn't reset.

Here's what's left of the spring. Snapped right in half.

Now were the grips to blame or did it just get old? Also I understand there is an updated part that won't do that, can anyone point me to a vendor?

One more thing, bullet impact is POA instead of 6 o'clock hold. Both front and rear are #8. Would a #6 front put me on top of the sight?

February 20, 2008, 02:17 PM
I recently bought Hogue grips for my P226. Hogue requires the "new style" spring for 226's; don't know about 220's. On the P226 the new style retrofits, no mods.
http://2cooltoolz.tripod.com/GunPics/thumbnails/100x100/New_20spring.Hogue.jpg http://2cooltoolz.tripod.com/GunPics/thumbnails/100x100/old_20spring.Hogue.jpg

I think moving to a higher # sight (rear more dramatically than front) moves the point of impact up, which would move Point of Aim down. You can buy takeoffs on Gunbroker and eBay for a couple of dollars each to experiment with. But sight pushers ain't cheap. Top Gun Supply has good ones as reasonably as anyone, as well as Sig parts and they're good people, active on SigForum.