View Full Version : Is this a good deal ???

February 9, 2008, 04:05 PM
Beretta Urika II Gold with 5 extended chokes for $1125 Brand New ?

I think I've narrowed the field down to this gun first then either a Benelli SS or a Winchester SX3.

February 11, 2008, 06:25 PM
There is more than one gold model - so not sure which one you are looking at - but the street price is usually about $ 400 less than list - and I think they list for $ 1250 - $1800 depending on model / Benelli super sport lists for $ 1870 but the street price around here is about $ 1500 / the SX3 I think is around $1,000 - but they are significantly different guns.

The SX3 and the Beretta are gas guns / Benelli is inertia system. Benelli has more adjustability - but its more money than the other 2 guns.

Fit is a big issue on shotguns - they don't come in one size fits all - and they need to point where you look. So adjustability is a big deal.

Personally, I would recommend the Benelli super sport / I have one in 12 and one in 20ga and they're very good guns / shoot clean / easy to break down and clean /soft shooting with the comfort tech system in them. I especially like the 12ga in a 30" barre - but the 20ga only comes in a 28" barrel.

February 11, 2008, 06:55 PM
Thanks for the advice BigJimP ... I bought the Beretta first as the deal was just too good. The next closest price I could get in my area on it new was $1270.00

It's the Urika Gold Sport and I was wrong on the price ... It was $1025.00

Figured AA Grade walnut , Jeweled Bolt and Carrier , Gold inlay on silver and black receiver , 5 extended Beretta Mobilchokes?

It was too beautiful to pass on.

Next is the SX3 ... followed by a SuperSport when I can find one.

Right now I can get the Winchester on sale for under $800. :)

February 11, 2008, 07:39 PM
As long as they fit you - its a good deal. I hope you enjoy the new gun.