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February 8, 2008, 09:12 PM
I picked up an eastfield model 916 at a gun show last weekend for cheap, the guy said it had "feeding" problems, so I decided I could fix it for the price. Thats when the problems started, after investigating I have found the problem, the cartridge cut-off is just floping around in there. the part that has me stumped is that it cant be right. I ordered a new one from numrich, specific for my gun (419230) same thing as what I have.
there is a tab on the top of the cut-off or "shell stop" that is not tall enough to reach the action bar so when you pump the action.... nothing happens.
is there anyone that could tell me the exact placement and installation instructions for this part, any pictures of the "old style" cartridge cut-off.... anything would be a help
thanks in advance.

February 9, 2008, 08:44 PM
Other then Gun Parts diagrams, there isn't anything available I know of.
If you click on the diagram on the Gun Parts web site the picture will expand and I think you can print it.

You can also send the old part in to Gun Parts and they can try to pick the right part for you.

Now the bad news:
The S&W Model 916 A and T "Eastern Field" shotguns were a major disaster for S&W.
The gun was made for S&W, (no one seems to know just who it was, but it WASN'T Howa of Japan who made the later S&W shotguns).
It was so poorly made that broken/defective 916's poured back into the S&W plant.

The gun was so bad, and caused so much trouble, S&W actually considered buying them all back, simply to protect their reputation, which took a major hit because of this stinker.

Not ALL the guns were bad, but a large enough number were that the gun got a bad rep with gunsmiths too.
One would come in for repairs and we'd repair it, only to have some other part fail, often while it was in the shop.
The gun was so bad for problems, that most gunsmiths started refusing to attempt repairs.
Today, the guns are still out there, unsuspecting newer gunsmiths haven't heard about the problems, and a new generation gets burned trying to repair these things.

If you have a 916 that's working, great, but when it breaks, the trouble starts. Buy a new part, and something just doesn't fit, or something else fails.
I suspect you just got burned by someone else's little problem, and now you're trying to repair something that really isn't worth the money or the grief.

My best suggestion, if you insist on trying to repair it, is to contact Gun Parts and explain the problem. Possibly they will have the correct part.