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February 7, 2008, 04:25 PM
I'm looking at getting a first-time trap/skeet gun in 20 gauge and like the look of the White Lightning, except the hard buttplate. Are there any pre-fit recoil pads available for this model? I know a gunsmith could fit one for me, but I'd prefer one that I can just order and screw on myself.

On another note, I can get one new for $1,360 - sound like a bargain?

February 7, 2008, 06:28 PM
I think the only place you'll find a "pre fit" recoil pad for that gun is thru Brownells.

The Lightning model, in the Citori line, is one of over a dozen models. It is considered a "field" gun because of the traditional dimensions it has as far as drop at the comb, drop at the heel, etc ( not meaning you can't shoot it for skeet, trap or sporting clays ) because you can.

The lightening is a solid gun - like all the guns in the Citori lineup. I think a street price of around $ 1,400 is pretty good. I believe the currently list for about $ 1725. They come with a Full, Modified and Imp Cyclinder choke - so you will probably want to add some chokes. The lightening does not have an adjustable trigger on it, the barrel is not ported and it has no option for an adjustable comb. All of these factors are big parts of "fit" so the gun shoots where you look.

There are some other models of Citori's with more adjustability in them the XS special or XS Skeet but you're into the $ 2500 - $2800 list price range now too. But for the money, the XS Skeet with the adjustable comb is one of the most versatile guns they make - and in a 28" or 30" I really like it as a primary gun for hunting, for skeet or sporting clays.

Remember balistically, you can make a 12ga perform just like a 20ga - and shoot 7/8 oz loads in it / and because its a little heavier gun - the recoil on a 12ga shooting 7/8 oz loads (like a 20ga load ) will actually give you less recoil and it comes with the recoil pad on it. These days its pretty easy to get a variety of loads for a 12ga - which means it can really do anything a 10ga or a 20ga will do with just one gun. If you reload your own shells - you can even make a 12ga perform like a 28ga.

Browning makes a real good gun / a lot of gun for the money. Just be careful on the "fit" issue / shotguns don't come in one size fits all. I have a couple of the Citori field guns in 12 and 20ga - and they're still great guns after 35 years - although I had to do a number of things to get them to fit me. But the XS Skeet model has replaced both of them for me as a primary gun for sporting and skeet. The XS Skeet is available in 12 or 20ga - with adj comb, adj triggers, ported barrels (to keep muzzle jump down) - and they are usually a little nicer wood - so you may find its closer to what you want if you can afford the extra few hundred bucks. Have fun picking out your first gun - shooting skeet is one of my passions. Not to just drive you nuts - any of these guns will work for Trap too - but most trap shooters will go to a gun like the Browning XT with a 32" barrel for trap - a little heavier, higher rib (again with the adj comb, etc ) but that gun is a little too clumsy for skeet or sporting clays in my opinion.

February 7, 2008, 11:12 PM
Thanks so much for all the info. Though I realized that going lightweight is more of a field/hunting setup, the Lightning's price point is already stretching my budget, to be honest. I might move up to the 12, you make a good point. Thanks again for the fast and thorough info.

February 8, 2008, 02:55 PM
You're welcome.