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February 4, 2008, 05:51 PM
I know this topic has probably been hashed over in one form or another many times , but I was hoping I could get an answer based on the latest innovations by both companies.

Right now I have the opportunity to buy Beretta at what I believe is a great price brand new. I always thought I wanted the Benelli for it's very simple inertia drive and comfortech stock .... but the Beretta is looking very appealing , especially for the money. I hear some say to stay away from the gas systems , harder to clean , easier to jam , but I also hear that the Beretta's are fantastic and though they need more cleaning will be extremely reliable.

I'm debating between a Benelli Supersport or Super Black Eagle II and Beretta Extrema2 or UrikaGold.

Any votes or caveats for either ?


One more thing ... I could also get a Franchi ... very cheap . Camo finish I-12 , but otherwise very nice. Priced at almost 1/3 of the Benelli or Beretta.

February 4, 2008, 06:32 PM
I have a Benelli and i love it. Got it over the Beretta, because of the Inertia System. Both are good guns just opperate differently.

February 4, 2008, 07:18 PM
I have a Benelli Super Sport in 12ga and a new one in 20ga that I have not shot much yet. They're retailing in my area for around $ 1450 - $1500 right now. The Beretta is cheaper in my area as well.

My 2cents worth - is the Benelli is a significantly cleaner shooting gun than any gas gun. The crio barrels are about one choke tighter than normal - so I shoot Skeet with an Cyclinder - 16 Yard Trap with an IC ( vs Skeet and Mod in my Browning Over Unders ). I've had good patterns out to about 45 yards with a MOD choke in it. With the shims and the optional comb pads and optional butt pads you can order - its really a versatile shotgun for the money. It's not my primary gun - its my "airline travel gun" or "rain gun" for the most part - but I'll ocasinally use it for sporting clays, Skeet, Trap etc. It is a very light gun at around 7 lbs ( 12ga ) so I went with the 30" barrel - and it gives me a little longer sight plane so I don't have a tendancy to stop my swing as much - but it is a light gun and that's frankly the only negative I have on the gun.

Contrary to what the manual says on the Benelli - mine will cycle any load, even 7/8 oz on the 12ga as long as its at least 1200 fps - so you don't have to shoot heavy loads in it. I routinely shoot a 1oz load of 9's or 8's at about 1225 fps and its never failed me. It will not cycle any loads at 1150 fps.

Top to bottom - removing trigger group, etc - I can clean the Super Sport in 20 min easy and reasseble. Most gas guns, Remington, Beretta, Browning, etc are at least 40 min to thouroughly clean them.

I'd recommend the Benelli Super Sport - but the Beretta is not a bad gun / different - and it does not have the adjustability, particularly in the comb, that the Benelli Super Sport has.

February 5, 2008, 06:20 PM
i have a sbeII and i love it i have many shotguns but this one has put the others to the side. i hunt everything from dove to geese, with this gun and so far no cycle problems, however the beretta is a very nice gun. I looked at it hard the finally deciding factor with me was the size and feel of the benelli it was a little smaller of a frame which was what i was looking for while ground blind hunting.

February 5, 2008, 06:27 PM
The guns I see fail most at the range are the Benellis. Beretta says they only need to be cleaned every 2,000 rounds, but should be cleaned after each use. Not bashing Benelli, but the reality of the matter is the Benelli will be no omre reliable than the Beretta. I own a SBE, m1 super 90, and a Beretta 3901, so I know from what I've experienced and seen at our shooting range.

February 7, 2008, 09:20 AM
If you don't mind a little sharper kick to the shoulder the Benelli is a good choice.

If you want a softer shooting shotgun that does cycle everything the Beretta is a good choice.

Now when your are getting older and you start waking up in the morning with some aches and pains, but you still want to go shoot, the Beretta may end up being the smarter choice.

February 7, 2008, 12:54 PM
Truth be told ... I want BOTH. :D

I think I won't pass on the great deal I can currently get and will add the other Benelli to my collection later.

BTW .... the local Sportsmans I go to , one of their gun dept managers shoots / hunts for a show . He gets to shoot everything including Beretta and Benelli .... he said flat out , his choice IS Benelli . The Benelli he shoots has never failed him in even the worst weather for thousands of rounds. He likes Beretta's too , and said their very reliable , but shooting both for a living , it's Benelli first.

I thought it was a pretty good recommendation.

February 7, 2008, 01:14 PM
>>I have a Benelli Super Sport in 12ga and a new one in 20ga<<

Same set-up here, only in Sport ll. I love the simplicity of the action, especially when it comes time to clean them. :)

February 7, 2008, 01:57 PM
RUT : I think they're both good guns ( the super sport II is the wood stock, without the comfort tech system in it )- just so there's no confusion on the models we're discussing ) - because they are a little different.

Despite the comment that the Benelli kicks more than the Beretta - I would submit that the SuperSport ( that has a synthetic stock, and the comfort tech recoil system in it ) shoots softer than the Beretta and it cycles much faster. When I've shot a gas gun - I find myself hesitating on the 2nd shell while the gun goes back into battery / where with the Benelli I fire the 2nd shell just as fast as I would on an over-under. I also find with the gas guns there seems to be a lot of gas blow by accross my eyes that I don't care for ( Remington, Browning, Beretta, etc ).

February 7, 2008, 11:12 PM
I love my inertia gun...I picked up a benelli, then picked up a georgeous Franchi I-12 limited. I got the Franchi...which is owned by benelli...Those inertia guns are very clean and don't get gunked up. I'd go intertia over gas any day of the week for all applications - skeet, trap, hunting.