View Full Version : Rifled slugs... rifled choke tubes or barrels... & a few other ???

Magnum Wheel Man
February 4, 2008, 07:49 AM
so I have one of those new IAC lever action shotguns ( a pretty cool toy ) I have several other shot guns as well. but have always been a magnum rifle & pistol kind of guy, almost never shooting the shotties... I think this new lever gun is getting me more interested in shooting "the shotgun"... several years ago, I remember reading a debate between accuracy of slug guns, & thought that I remembered reading that there was very little accuracy difference between a fully rifled barrel, & rifled choke tubes, & also that testing showed rifled barrels & choke tubes shot tighter slug groups with non-rifled slugs, & smooth bores shot tighter slug groups with rifled slugs... is this correct, or am I remembering wrong, or has new technology changed those facts ????

also, I reload for both rifle & pistol, & part of my father in laws collection that we inherited, included shotgun reloading presses... so far I have never reloaded shot shells, but know it's likely done by probably more shooters than those that load for brass cartridges... brass cases as they get shot, often stretch over time, I'm wondering if plastic cases do as well ??? that lever shot gun is only chambered for 2 & 3/4" shells, & all I had in the house was some of her dads reloaded shells... 4 out of 5 of the shells were a few .001's too long to smoothly eject... likely I'm sure there are different lengths of hulls on the shells between different brands & maybe even by shot load ??? do they have hull or plastic trimmers that would take some length off of used shells ???

the new ( non - reloaded ) slugs I put through the gun function just fine, in fact, my 1st shot ( maybe I just got lucky ) I hit a gallon milk jug at 60' with just the bead sight... I'm thinking I'd like to try shooting a few groups with this 20" smooth bore, with rifled slugs, & see what the gun is capable of... I also have a gun building buddy that offered to put on a rifled barrel if I was interested, ( there is also a company out there that can install choke tubes if I decided I wanted to have both a smooth bore & a rifled choke tube )...

I think I might want to install some sights... either fiber optic, or tritium , or a ghost ring combo, etc... your guys thoughts on effective multi use sights for a 20" barreled shotgun ???

this is what the gun looks like for those who might not know.... ( a copy of the old Browning patent Winchester lever action )

& a link with more info...