View Full Version : What is the Effectivness of a Shotgun Suppressor?

January 31, 2008, 11:52 AM
No I'm talking about the movie, I'm talking about real life suppressors on shotguns . . .

I know they exist, I know they work, but I have heard that the sound reduction is no ware near the same on a shotgun as a rifle. Not many people realize that even with a suppressor the actual bullet itself creates a sonic boom as it passes through the air at a thunderous 140 decibels. I have heard a Suppressor can only lessen the sound of a shotgun by about 9 decibels over all do to something about the sound of the buckshot as passes through the air.

I know it is an unusual subject an is not common knowledge but I am mostly curious about whether or not a suppressor will actually lighten the recoil of a shotgun with the same effectives as rifles? I might like to put one on an M4 and put some heaver loads through it without it pounding the hell out of my shoulder. Does any one know anything about this?