View Full Version : Gun values

January 26, 2008, 11:08 AM
A friend is selling several guns and gave me first crack at them.Can anyone give me a ballpark number at the values.

Charles Daly model 700,over/under 20 GA,nice condition with the engraved receiver.

Remington model 8, 35 cal.with three boxes of ammo.

Browning 12 ga. manufactured in 1954,belgium made. Good condition with a 2 3/4 power redfield scope.

Savage 440A over under 12 Ga.Good condition

28 Ga. remington,over/under in great condition,with auto ejectors.

He also has a model 1890 22 pump,with an octagon barrel and a 5 digit ser.number I have not seen this yet so I am not aware of the condition but I understand it is an older rifle.

Can anyone give me a ballpark figure of the values of these guns?