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Tom Givens
January 14, 2008, 10:43 PM
Exciting Class Announcment

On April 12-13, 2008 (Saturday-Sunday) Rangemaster will host a unique training opportunity in Memphis for those serious about personal security. Southnarc, Ed Lovette, and Tom Givens will each teach segments involving their personal specialties, and students will rotate among these trainers, getting an incredible amount of information and skill in one weekend.

Southnarc served in the US Army Rangers before entering law enforcement. He is currently the commander of an inter-agency drug enforcement task force and a SWAT Team leader on the Gulf Coast. For a number of years he did undercover drug work, resulting in a number of serious physical assaults on him. These assaults included “rip-off” robberies, much like the robberies private citizens fall victim to every day. Southnarc is one of the most analytical trainers I have ever met, and as a result of these incidents he made a thorough study of such things as Pre-Assault Indicators, Weapon Access During an In-Progress Fight, Empty Hands Skills to escape from a grappling attack or multiple assailants, and more. He will be teaching these skills in two phases. “Managing Unknown Contacts” deals with the critical pre-fight processes involved in observing and assessing potential attackers; positioning to shift the advantage to you; verbal interaction; and decision making skills. These “pre-fight” activities often actually determine the outcome of the real fight, when it comes. More importantly, they often deter an assailant from carrying out a planned attack, as he realizes you are a harder target. The next phase will be Practical Unarmed Combat, which deals with proven, simple realistic techniques which can be learned and maintained without a lifetime in the martial arts. Southnarc’s skills are simple and straight-forward and work well.

Ed Lovette worked as a police officer for a number of years, including a period as a firearms instructor at the New Mexico State Police academy. He then joined the CIA as a paramilitary officer,retiring from that position recently after serving in hot spots all over the world. In the CIA, Ed often had to move through areas of great danger while keeping a very low profile. He developed two things in that arena- one, the ability to observe his surroundings and look for things that might tip him to coming troubles, and second, a fondness for a deeply concealed small frame revolver, often called a “snubby”. Ed will teach the observational and mental skills needed to spot threats ranging from stalkers to robbers and carjackers, based on his vast experience in counter-surveillance and stealth. He will also teach live-fire skills with the snubby revolver. Ed literally wrote the book on this subject. The Snubby Revolver, The ECQ, Backup, and Concealed Carry Standard, from Paladin Press is recognized as the authoritative text on the subject.

Tom Givens, chief instructor at Rangemaster, spent 25 years in law enforcement and specialized security work before becoming a full time trainer in 1996. Since then, Tom has trained thousands of students in armed self defense, and every year several Rangemaster students successfully defend themselves against armed attackers. Tom is an FBI and NRA certified law enforcement firearms instructor, a champion competitor in both IDPA and IPSC competition, a nationally recognized court expert on firearms training, and the author of several books, including Fighting Smarter. Tom will focus on handgun skills designed to work well under stress. Training will include effective gunhandling and marksmanship techniques, stress inoculation, fast but precise shooting skills in both daylight and low light conditions, and mental conditioning. Regardless of skill level, your shooting will improve as a result of this course.

Students will need a sidearm, quality holster and belt, at least three magazines for the primary gun, and 600 rounds of ammunition for the primary gun. A snubby or other backup gun is recommended, along with 250 rounds of ammo for it, and a suitable carry method. You will also need a good flashlight, like a Surefire 6P, 6Z, 8X or similar and street clothes, including a concealment garment. You will also need work-out clothes, soft shoes, a cup and a mouthpiece. We will supply workbooks and guns that fire marking cartridges. A detailed equipment list will be sent out prior to class. Ammo is available here or bring your own.

The cost of this course is $499.00. This is quite a bargain considering you’re getting three courses, from three well respected trainers, in one location. There are several hotels within blocks of Rangemaster, ranging from basic Extended Stay or Holiday Inn to a very nice Marriott. Call 901-370-5600 to register. Class size is limited.
Tom Givens


January 15, 2008, 09:50 PM
Exciting, indeed. Unfortunately I won't be able to consider it do to other commitments.

January 15, 2008, 10:10 PM
Now there is a class I would attend!!!!!

Dave James