View Full Version : Help ID Austrian (Ferlach) Proofed k98 Rcvr.

December 29, 2007, 04:40 PM
Hello All,

I recently purchased a k98 receiver (machined for stripper clips) with no crest marking. The receiver and bolt are blued, has a kickoff installed for use with set triggers and has dovetailed claw mounts installed. There is no magazine/trigger guard/floorplate. The action is extraordinarily smooth.

I apologize for not sending photos as I currently do not have a digital camera; this is what I've found so far:

-- the right side of the front ring has "2066.54", "NPF" and a small
faint eagle with vertical wings, all three markings in a row and parallel
to the bore (gun #2066 in 1954 from Ferlach?)

-- no markings on the bolt assembly, but the underside of the bolt handle is flat and finely grooved

-- the front ring has a small serial number on the left side, #4268

-- the flat beneath the front ring has "442a" stamped on it along
with a small stamped "+"

-- there are four spots where a symbol is stamped that looks
like a sideways letter "s" with a small "o" superimposed in its center

-- the sear is stamped with the number "59"

-- on the right edge of the recoil lug is a small "8" and
large "60"

-- on the left side of the front ring, just below the wood line, is
the sideways letter "s" with the number 242

-- on the left side of the front ring at the wood line is a small
triangle with three raised dots inside of it

-- the front face of the recoil lug has the sideways letter "s", a small letter
"c" and the number "3"

Any help would be greatly appreciated; thank you in advance for your time.

Lawrence Moore
Prunedale, Calif.

Jim Watson
December 29, 2007, 09:21 PM
I dug out my 1969 Gun Digest with article on Austrian proof law and markings:

The "little eagle" is for black powder definitive proof.
The NPF is for smokeless powder definitive proof.
It shows nothing corresponding to 2066.54, your guess is as good as mine.

Other than the serial number, my reference has nothing on those other markings. MY guess is that they represent tracking through the different small gunmakers guild specialist shops in Ferlach. Note that there is no brand name. Maybe that was on the barrel.