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December 27, 2007, 06:49 PM
I have recently aquired a HARRINGTON RICHARDSON Reinforced Breech Gun - chambered in 45/70 Gov. which fires a brass rod with line attached. I believe it was used to fire a line across rivers or ship to ship. ANY INFO Would be appreciated.

December 28, 2007, 09:49 AM
There's some info in the second post in the linked thread.


It begins "The gun most often used during WW2 and exclusively afterwards was a single shot Harrington & Richardson shotgun design, but with a much thicker barrel bored for a .45 caliber rod projectile and chambered for .45-70. A Destroyer carried two or three, and larger ships such as oilers may have carried more.
These were used aboard ship to fire a brass rod projectile (weighing about 1-16 ounces) with a light weight "shot line" attached to the end. Max range about 200 yards or so, but generally used at 50 yards. The shot line would be fired above the target..."