View Full Version : I recomend TDSUS!

December 25, 2007, 12:56 AM
I recently dealt with TFL member TDSUS. I posted asking about the EOTech, and he made me an awesome deal on a new EOTech 550. His shipping was very fast, even with the Christmas rush on, and I am very impressed. He even gave me a "rough guess" of $10.00 on the shipping, but said he did not know for sure at the time. When I placed the order on his site it showed $13.00 for shipping. I thought "wow, he was pretty close." I was very happy with the deal, and then he went and changed it to $10.00 just because "that is what he told me." I would highly recomend him, and will probably be dealing with him more in the future. Check him out! http://www.tds-us.com/