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December 8, 2007, 03:01 AM
This is my first visit to this forum, and I hope I don't offend by asking a question beaten to death long ago.

I have seen references to the DeLisle silenced rifle being duplicated, by individuals and Valkyrie Arms, using original blueprints and specifications.

Where would one obtain such blueprints and specifications? For some reason, this WWII rifle always was a great curiosity to me.

Thanks for any help....


December 8, 2007, 02:55 PM
I just ran across on old thread asking for blueprints for an HK-51 or some such model, and the thread was closed for for it being illegal. My apologies to you folks on this forum, and to the staff. Honestly, I had/have no intent to build on of these things. I was simply curious about how silencers work and how this commando weapon was made.

Moderators, please close this thread...I apologize.


December 8, 2007, 05:00 PM
I don't think what you are asking is something that would, or even should, raise any eyebrows. The DeLisle is something that legends are made of. Hell, IMHO, Marlin even copied it with their camp carbine. Just for the record, too, it would be legal to own AND to produce that weapon today, provided you followed the proper registration procedure. The suppressor design of the DeLisle is called an eccentric design, thats to say that the baffles are not such that the bullet's path goes through the center line of the suppressor. The bullet travels through the upper portion of the cylinder and the gasses are trapped/cooled on the bottom. AAC has designed a version of this suppressor for the .45 platform called the Black Box. It has been back-burnered for now, but hopefully it will enter production soon. Don't feel bad or ashamed for asking questions like this. The more you know about the subject, the more you will desire to learn more...

Here is a pretty detalied article on how the DeLisle works (http://www.rifleman.org.uk/The_DeLisle_carbine.htm)....I told you you'd want to learn more:D

December 8, 2007, 08:31 PM
Thank you for the link. You're right, it IS interesting.

I had perused some of the gunshow available "homemade silencer" books, and was impressed with the crudeness of construction on most of them, and pretty much blew it off. The books did preface everything with dire warnings, no doubt to cover their butts. When I encountered the closed thread on the NFA forum, referencing blueprints and illegalities, I figured I didn't want the Bureau of Alcohol and Torture of Firearms owners taking an interest, and I didn't want to put a monkey wrench in the works of the forum. I have read a bit deeper, and see that my inquiry really is pretty tame by comparison to some.

You're also right about this subject having an attention getting attraction about it. I DO want to know more. I've been winding down my shooting and selling off guns due to health and work demands. I really don't need another expensive habit. There is an interest, though, and I guess I'll wade in a little deeper and see what it's about. I appreciate your willingness to answer my post. Are you one of those influences we were warned about when we were kids?:D


December 8, 2007, 08:42 PM
Too slow -- duplicate of information others already provided.

Edit to remove duplication.

December 8, 2007, 09:04 PM
Are you one of those influences we were warned about when we were kids?

I can only hope to be......(see my sig line):D

December 11, 2007, 09:28 PM
Silencers are outlawed in Kansas, at least for civilian use. See the NRA/ILA site for an extract regarding Kansas firearms law.


The silencer is covered under "Machine Guns".

December 11, 2007, 10:12 PM
Silencers are outlawed in Kansas, at least for civilian use. See the NRA/ILA site for an extract regarding Kansas firearms law.

Silencers are actually banned in several states. There is even a law in Washington state whereas you can own a silencer, but it is illegal to use it. My sig line is meant only to point out that they are not illegal at the Federal level. Just like the FedGov doesn't restrict hi-cap mags, but California, New Jersey, New York and others do.

December 12, 2007, 01:07 AM
Schematics may be available in national archives. Or try the Imperial War Museum ;)