View Full Version : KIEI.BIZ AKA Kennedy International STAY AWAY FROM (WALTHER PARTS)

December 6, 2007, 03:49 PM
In short they suck. I had ordered a Mag extender some months ago for my Walther....Waitde,Waited and Waited some more. I e-mailed them and still no reply to my e-mail. All I needed to know was it on back order or hans it been shipped....Get an e-mail back stating RELAX IT IS ON IT'S WAY!! so a few days goes by and I e-mail again and they send me this UPS tracking number so I look it up it says no such tracking number. I e-mail and ask what the heck. They reply if you dont like it cancel your order. I reply yes please do that .... They reply we already did we do not sell to [email protected]#$$ [email protected]@ Holes like you....Plus we are the only place in the US that sells them so try getting them some place else...Signed Donny

This is just one of the issues I have had with them in the past.

So if you are looking for GREAT service for your WALTHERS call EARL he rocks and he had 1000000 of mag extenders.