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November 27, 2007, 12:52 PM
So I ran into one of those guys that gives hunting a bad name today, but I won out. I was sitting in the woods when a rifle shot went off, stood up and saw 3 bucks running about 150 yards off. I took a shot but knew it wasn't gonna do anything, but it turned out I got three does turned towards me. I took a yearling at about 30 yards with my Franchi. Right throught the heart clean kill. Turns out the rifle shot was from a guy without blaze orange and he was NOT using a shotgun, both very strict laws in OH. But, either way we split it, I got a deer and I'm happy!

Happy hunting everyone!

November 29, 2007, 06:20 PM
Good job. I wouldn't go so far to call the guy a poacher, unless he was tresspassing on your property. He is however breaking the law non the less.:barf:

November 29, 2007, 06:59 PM
Well, in OH that is a pretty strict penalty to be hunting with a rifle. They don't mess around about that because of the shear danger it puts everyone else in. He put his round right into the woods I was sitting in too, which wasn't cool. Either way, yes he was definitely hunting illegally and something should have been done. But he was out of there as soon as my blaze vest appeared from the woods.

November 29, 2007, 07:21 PM
he's more of a poacher by useing a high power rifle when it's illegal in the state than he is by trespassing.you can trespass on accident,you can't accidentally take an illegal weapon hunting(unless your an idiot of course)tons of them out there.

November 29, 2007, 08:20 PM
I agree Sig, he definitely knew the laws too. OH is huge on a chest covering of blaze orange and they prefer to have a hat too. Plus, on top of it he was sporting a stainless thumb-holed gun with a scope (muzzle loader ain't in, so that rules that out). Plus, as soon as he spotted me and my friend (theshootist1894) both appearing out of the woods to work on my doe...he wisped away like a fart in a windstorm. None of us knew each other was out there and he knew he shouldn't be out there for what he was using. My friend and I wanted to go look for brass to nail him down but we didn't.


November 29, 2007, 09:06 PM
I'd go so far as calling him a poacher and perhaps an idiot. Anyone in Ohio who hunts know's its illegal to do so with a rifle. Anyone who hunts without some type of blaze on is simply an idiot.

November 30, 2007, 09:33 AM

November 30, 2007, 05:01 PM
I stand corrected...I had always considered poaching just the act of trespassing, hunting w/o permission...so I googled it, and enlightened myself...Yes, this guy fits the definition of poacher...FULL BLOWN JERK POACHER:mad:....Here's the definition I copied and pasted from Wykopedia.com...

Poaching is illegal hunting or fishing. It may be illegal because:

The game or fish is not in season, usually the breeding season is declared as the closed season when wildlife species are protected by law.
The poacher does not possess a license.
The poacher is illegally selling the animal or animal parts for a profit.
The animal is being hunted outside of legal hours.
The hunter used an illegal weapon for that animal.
The animal or plant is on restricted land.
The right to hunt this animal is claimed by somebody.
The means used are illegal (for example, baiting a field while hunting quail, or using spotlights to stun or paralyze deer).
The animal or fish is protected by law or that it has been listed as extinct animal or an Endangered Animal (see for example the Endangered Species Act for the USA)
The animal or plant has been tagged by a researcher

here's my suggestion...He'll be back...preprogram your conservation officer's phone # in your cell. that way if you catch him or see him, you can call them and make him pay for his crime...

November 30, 2007, 06:23 PM
extinct animal

What do you mean, shooting an extinct animal would make me a poacher...That just cracks me up. :D I thought if they were extinct, there wouldn't be any to poach...How could I prove it wasn't extinct unless I shot it and brought it in

November 30, 2007, 08:48 PM
Haha, the whole extinct thing is kind of asinine...

I don't know...I told the land owner that gave me permission. Sadly, the poacher seemed to be friends and had him convinced that he was law-abiding when he was definitely not. Either way, I'm not going back for fear of getting shot or pissing the guy off. I told the land owner what went down, it is his problem to pursue now.


December 1, 2007, 12:37 AM
I heard about an incident today, where a person stole another mans deer out of the woods. A hunter shoots a nice 8 point and sees it go down. He hears other bucks grunting in a thicket so he decides to wait a good while before he goes after the dead 8 point. He waited too long. He found where the 8 point was laying dead and then a bloody trail with drag marks through the leaves. Then he finds a gut pile near a road and no deer. That is a true story, what a bummer. :eek:

December 1, 2007, 09:02 AM
I would be pissed...when I got my doe I drug her into a thicket so I knew where she was at and she was under cover. I kind of figured that guy might try, but he took a shot on a buck and was semi-successful. I think he had to track it but I do believe he got it. Just disappointing more then anything that someone can't even play fair during the season.

December 1, 2007, 09:18 AM
Well, in OH that is a pretty strict penalty to be hunting with a rifle....

I need to stay the hell out of that state. Thanks for the warning.

On trespassers...I scattered a bunch from the old family farm a few years ago. Even had one try to argue that since his distant kin had rented crop ground, they could give him permission to hunt anywhere on the place. After a brief explanation of MO law's provision for the use of force in repelling trespassers, he gained a new perspective and meaningful momentum towards the property line.

Needless to say his clan isn't farming the cropped side of the place anymore, either.

December 3, 2007, 11:06 AM
I heard of a father & 14 year old son in Long Island, NY, who got arrested this weekend for shooting a brant, one week before opener. They honestly didn't know it was illegal, either, either b/c of lack of skill in identifying, or didn't look at the dates carefully enough, till the conservation officers showed up.

Makes you feel bad when it's an honest mistake - different than a true poacher.

December 3, 2007, 11:37 AM
I agree it is our responsiblity to read and understand the regs - but any more, you need a freakin' law degree in some cases.

My hunting partner had a minor run in with the game warden a couple of years ago. He went and hunted pheasants close to his house on public land. Turned out he needed a special permit for that area. When the warden showed up at his house, my buddy asked the warden to show him in the regs where that was stated. It took the warden more than 1/2 hour to find it. My buddy showed the warden a different section that was the opposite of what the warden was citing.

Since there was obviously a problem with the regs, the warden did not cite him, just confiscated the 2 pheasant. My buddy was relieved his guns did not get confiscated, as could have happened.

December 3, 2007, 11:40 AM
BIGR--that fellow is a poacher. Ill bet whatever state that was does not allow one to tag a deer you did not shoot-but the shooter has to make some reasonable effort to tag. I know 'hunters' that will not look for a deer that they did not DROP on the spot so many are 'left' in the woods. TOO bad.

The Tourist
December 3, 2007, 11:44 AM
I agree it is our responsiblity to read and understand the regs

This is a real problem in Wisconsin.

Some areas are shotgun only. Some areas are T-zones. Sometimes we have earn a buck programs. This year the earn a buck program extends into next year; if you shoot a doe this season it counts for next season. Farmers have longer seasons in some years. Blackpowder hunters have to use a zero-magnification scope--during their designated season, but can use a traditional scope during our regular nine day gun season.

And everyone's knife is too dull. :p

December 3, 2007, 11:58 AM
I was sitting in the woods when a rifle shot went off, stood up and saw 3 bucks running about 150 yards off. I took a shot but knew it wasn't gonna do anything, but

I always hate to hear this...why try to wound one..why shoot at all?

December 3, 2007, 01:20 PM
Pipo...wasn't really trying to do much but try and get them to turn. Besides, the slug was going to hit the dirt long before it ever reached them. The ballistics on my slugs don't even go out to 200 yards. Besides, those were also the deer that the poacher was after. The entire day was FUBAR in my opinion...there was a lot of foul things that happened, I tried to keep things as good as possible. Besides, it could have gotten a lot worse too.


December 3, 2007, 02:57 PM
I just cut and pasted this from Wykopedia...I totally missed the whole "extinct" thing...That's pretty darn funny...how do you shoot something that does not exist? Maybe a polar bear or snow ape in antartica? LOL!!!!:D

p.s....if you don't get that last statement, read the thread on polar bear...then you'll get it...:rolleyes:

December 3, 2007, 03:10 PM
Talk about Confusing:

2007/08 Waterfowl Seasons

Most migratory game bird seasons are set based on five hunting zones that have been approved by the U.S. Fish Wildlife Service. Hunting Hours

Migratory waterfowl may be taken from one-half hour before sunrise to sunset in all hunting zones.

2007/2008 Waterfowl Hunting Season Dates
You must register with HIP to hunt any of these species

Youth Days # Oct 13 & 14 Sept 22 & 23 Sept 29 & 30 Sept 22 & 23 Nov 10 & 11
Ducks, Coots,
Mergansers Oct 23 - Dec 6
Dec 29 - Jan 12 Oct 6 - Oct 14
Oct 24 - Dec 13 Oct 10 - Oct 14
Oct 27 - Dec 20 Oct 13 - Oct 21
Nov 10 - Dec 30 Nov 29 - Jan 27
Sea Ducks same as above same as above same as above same as above Oct 14 - Jan 28*
Snow Geese Nov 3 - Dec 6
Dec 29 - Mar 10 Oct 6 - Dec 10
Jan 30 - Mar 10 Oct 10 - Dec 29 Oct 27 - Jan 19
Feb 18 - Mar 10 Nov 1 - Feb 15
Brant Oct 1 - Nov 19 Oct 6 Nov 24 Oct 10 - Nov 28 Oct 13 - Oct 21
Nov 10 - Dec 20 Dec 9 - Jan 27
Canada Geese
September Season see map of Canada goose September hunting season
Canada Geese
Regular Season see map of Canada goose regular hunting season

* In the special sea duck area only.

# Youth Days are additional days for Junior Hunters only. Young hunters, 12 to 15 years of age, possessing a junior hunting license may hunt ducks, coots, mergansers, Canada geese, and brant on 2 special days in each zone. Daily bag limits for ducks are the maximum allowed during the regular duck season, and 2 per day for Canada geese. Young hunters must be accompanied by a licensed (including current HIP registration and duck stamp) adult hunter, but the adult may not shoot any birds unless the respective regular season is open. Note: A 2006-07 hunting license is needed to hunt on any Youth Day in September 2007.

2007/2008 Waterfowl Bag Limits
The daily bag limit is the maximum number of birds of each species that any person may take or possess in the field during any one day. The possession limit is twice the daily bag limit for all waterfowl species except snow geese. The possession limit is the maximum number of birds that any person may possess in total in the field, at home, in transit or in storage

Species Daily Limit Possession Limit
Ducks* 6 12
Sea Ducks** 7 14
Coot 15 30
Canada geese # see table of Canada goose bag limits by locations
Snow geese 15 no limit
Brant 2 4

* The daily limit of 6 ducks includes mergansers and may include no harlequin ducks, and no more than 4 mallards (2 of which may be hens), 1 black duck, 2 wood ducks, 1 pintail, 2 canvasback, 2 redheads, 2 scaup, 4 scoters, and 2 hooded mergansers.

** The daily limit of 7 sea ducks (scoters, eiders and long-tailed ducks - formerly called oldsquaw) is in addition to the regular duck bag in coastal waters of the Long Island Zone only. No more than 4 scoters may be included in the daily bag of sea ducks. In all other areas, sea ducks are part of the regular duck bag limit.

# Cackling geese and white-fronted geese may be taken as part of the Canada goose daily and possession limits.

December 4, 2007, 02:32 AM
I didn't realize this was your first deer hunt until I looked at the pic thread again. Congrats.

December 14, 2007, 12:38 PM
As a former New Yorker, (born and raised in Troy, NY) I can vouch for the New York State government's propensity to complicate things. Virginia's regs aren't quite as bad....yet. But they seem to be moving that way.

December 15, 2007, 09:02 PM
I've grown up in Ohio (54 yrs now), and I don't ever remember when deer hunting wasn't shotgun-only. I'd love to try my Marlin 1894C .357Mag carbine, but I'd have to go to Michigan or Pennsylvania to try it.

As far as blaze orange, I wear a blaze orange stocking hat whenever or for whatever I go looking for afield. I've yet for find a critter that I was hunting who seemed to care one way or the other. I'm more concerned about critters of the two-legged variety.

December 17, 2007, 10:00 PM
Now, I usually go "back home" to Pennsylvania, where we mostly carry centerfire rifles. But, living in southern Ohio with loads of deer and "any deer" tags ain't all bad. And folks, you don't have to use a shotgun. In-line muzzleloaders (yes, rifles) are pretty popular. Shotguns don't have to be smoothbore, either, plenty of rifled barrels out there. And handguns are fine, too, as long as they have at least a 5" barrel and fire a straight-walled cartridge. My only beef with Ohio is the one week only firearms season. PA has 2 weeks. At least this year OH opened an extra weekend. Check the regs. If you see me with a Ruger .45 on my belt, I'm not poaching!

December 21, 2007, 12:45 PM
You took a shot at three running bucks, 150 yards away, with a shotgun! Buckshot or slug? Doesn't sound like responsible hunting to me. After you killed the yearling at 30 yards, did you follow up and see if you hit something with your first shot? There very possibly could be one or more wounded or dead bucks out there. Nothing to be proud of IMHO.

December 22, 2007, 11:03 PM
where in Missouri code under either 571. or 563 are you allowed to use force upon trespass, except at your dwelling, vehicle?

You are not allowed to use force with a weapon to remove somebody just for trespassing in the state of Missouri.


December 23, 2007, 08:37 AM
Okay, number one...I'm not accusing anyone of who hunts with a pistol or muzzleloader o be a poacher. I too walked out in the woods the first day carrying a 45-70 Encore Pistol. Muzzleloaders are fine too even though I don't hunt with them. This guy however was using neither. The sound that came from his gun could have only come from a high powered rifle. Also, his follow up shot happened too fast even if he had been using speed loaders.

And number two...I do recall that the shot was taken in an attempt to turn the deer (See reply #19 on this thread). That doesn't meant that I went for a kill zone shot or even tried to injure them. That means that I took a shot a good twenty feet ahead of the entire pack trying to spook them and get them to make a 90degree turn into the nearby thicket. Sorry, even though my slug gun will shoot 3 holes touching at 100 yards, I'm not about to try and kill a deer like that. So don't call me inhumane. I may not be well seasoned, but I do have ethics when I hunt...unlike the guy that was sharing the woods when he wasn't supposed to be.


December 23, 2007, 08:43 PM
"Nothing to be proud of IMHO":mad:

+1 on that!!


Art Eatman
December 23, 2007, 11:03 PM
Lessee: As near as I can tell, Full-choke didn't make himself clear and so keano44 misunderstood. Then Full-choke clarifies, but apparently achey didn't read it and echoed keano44.

That's enough for one thread, for sure.