View Full Version : Bersa .380: too big for ankle carry?

November 26, 2007, 12:34 AM
I spend a lot of time driving/sitting and was told that ankle or shoulder carry is the way to go in these situations. I got my CCP two days ago, and I want to try a few methods of carry. I own a cheap IWB holster, but most of my pants are too tight to allow a comfortable fit (my wife buys the form-fitting jeans for me;) ), so it may be awhile before that's an option.

I bought an Apache ankle holster for $40, and wore it to the movies and shopping today. the Bersa felt heavy and bulky (but to me, I guess anything would at this point). Is ankle carry mainly for snubbies and itty-bitty semi-autos, or is the weight I feel with my bersa just normal for a CCW, and something to get used to?

Are there any of you out there who use the Bersa 380 for CCW, and what methods do you prefer??

Sigma 40 Blaster
November 26, 2007, 01:00 AM
I have a cheap IWB Bianchi holster (very thin leather) that I carry mine in. No problem even if I'm wearing basketball shorts and a t-shirt.

I've never experimented with ankle carry but I think it is a little on the heavy side...but not unmanageable I don't think. I suppose IF the holster is staying in place and not cutting off circulation to your leg then I'd be OK with it.

Depending on how you wear your shirts/what kind of shirts you could easily get away with OWB in a high ride holster unless you're like me (6'4" 320 pounds)...anything that is outside of my belt is pretty hard to carry.

Being pretty new to CCW it's been my experience that it takes time to get used to the extra weight and feeling. As long as it's not hindering your ability to walk and the gun is secure just give it a while would be my advice.