View Full Version : Help me value a Garand and a FAR15

November 25, 2007, 11:36 AM
My brother in law needs to sell these, and I'm not reallly a Garand guy, so I don't know where these should fall value-wise. Any help is greatly appreciated. Here's what I know about them:

Rifle: Garand Manufactured by Springfield. Assembled to be correct--was correct except for Op-Rod. New op-rod, bolt, to correct. Headspace checked, test fired only. CMP paperwork available. New stock is Boyds walnut, matt tung oil finish. Trigger work done by Clint McKee at Fulton Armory. Serial in the 5 millions.

FAR15 M4A3 type with carry handle, all stock, approx 200 rounds through it. As new.

500 Rounds of 30-06 Korean surplus non-corosive PS82 headstamp w/enblocs in bandoliers in orig. cans

Thanks in advance for any info/advice you can offer.

December 14, 2007, 12:31 AM
Garand- bought mine back in the late 1990's, paid $700. I'd say it's worth at least $800...... depends what you are trying to sell it as, shooter grade or collector.

FAR15- M4 type- they typically go new- $700-800 (last I looked- MAYBE more now)

Browse around here:
Search for Garands and see what they're asking for....

See what they sell their AR15's for.....

Other suggestion- go to book store and look in magazine section for Shotgun News and look in there.... they have ammo and all that stuff for sale.... should give you an idea what is current.