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cold dead hands
November 21, 2007, 10:25 PM
I owned a Taurus PT22 once upon a time. Got rid of it because Taurus couldn't (maybe wouldn't?) supply me with the little plastic recoil buffer that wore out. Customer service girl tried to help, but what good is a gun when a simple u shaped piece of plastic cannot be easily replaced. I ordered 12 and recieved none. Waited 3 months and still no parts. Canceled the order and sold the gun. It only worked right with conical nose hyper velocity ammo, which is ironic considering the manual states that hyper velocity is not to be used. A gun that only runs on ammo that isn't supposed to shoot. Kinda made me think Taurus is not for me auto loader wise.

Well, curious me has been looking for a new carry auto and it must be a pocket gun...you know... not to thick, long or high lest it print too much or be hard to draw.

Taurus make a pistol called Millenium Pro PT140. It comes close to my demensional limits so I am wondering about it. The internet told my that Taurus is in their 3rd generation with this style gun and the kinks have been worked out.

I am only interested in this particular pistol and the opinions of folks who have experience with it. Telling me Taurus is crap as a general opinion means nothing to me. Info on this gun only. The Kahr MK 40 being smaller has less capacity and is almost double the price, but I am running out of options for pocket guns with real power. I want to carry more than the five rounds of .357 my Taurus M605 (J frame size, I love this gun, but weight/size to round count is to far off) offers.

November 21, 2007, 10:38 PM
Well, I just traded my brand new PT-140 pro for a Walther P-22.

I really wanted to like this gun. It felt,shot, and looked great. Fit and finish were good for a $300 gun.

The problems started with shot #2 and ended with shot #150.

MAG DROPS! At first I thought my thumb was brushing the release.I wasn't(I was hoping I did). I took it to the range Saturday and in total It dropped both mags a total of 15 times in 150 rounds(no BS).

I gave Taurus the benefit of the doubt, from the get go they were a let down.(for me) If this problem would have happened 1 year into it I would have sent it in. But, for a gun to be less than a month old, AND for me to have to pay shipping(I asked) I find to be absolute BS. I really wanted to get my wife the PT-111 pro, but now, I don't think so. For $300 get the Bersa UC mini-thunder 40. Much better gun and quality, plus a lifetime warranty as well.(I have a bersa .380 and a Fullsize Thunder9mm)

November 22, 2007, 12:04 PM
I was never a fan of Taurus. About a year ago I traded into a PT140 and after every other round fired, it dropped the mag! It was not the guns fault, just my hold on the pistol. I traded it away and forgot about it. It never had any issues other then the above.
Recently I traded into a PT940. I planned on trading it off ASAP because I don't like Taurus or .40 caliber. I recently took it to the range, and guess what? It shoots great, and I actually enjoy it. Very accurate, reliable, and it tames the .40. I actually decided to keep it. I am still not sold on Taurus, but am keeping a open mind about them.
The PT140 PRO is the revised version of the PT140 MIL. The older ones supposedly cracked frame parts and the PRO fixed that. If you like it shoot it and enjoy. Mine functioned fine except for my hold. I am not the only one that experienced that problem, more design than anything else. Confidently go and get it!

November 22, 2007, 12:21 PM
I am a Taurus fan, but have my own reservations. I purchased the PT145 (blue) about 4 months ago and put maybe 1000 rounds through it with constant FTFs, mostly attributable to magazine issues. A good place to read about the different guns from Taurus is www.taurusarmed.net.

Many people experienced similar issue to mine and they all recommended sending the gun and mags to the factory, but I've heard too many horror stories about that so chose to sell the gun instead. I kind of have a problem with the idea that "they have lots of issues with their mags." If that's the case, they should fix the darn mags.

That said, I sold it and turned right around and bought the PT745 in stainless. I love the Millenniums for their size and fit. I wanted to make it work and this time it did. This one is a piece of art and shoots beautifully. I've only had it to the range once and put 166 rounds through it without a single glitch. At 25 yards I was better than 50% on 6" knock-down steel plates. Not what I can do with some of my other guns, but they all have better than 3.25" barrels and I've put lots of lead through them.

One caution - the difference in fit and finish between my PT145 in blue with all its problems and the new stainless PT745 is stunning. The PT145 had tons of machine marks, ridges, and general un-prettiness inside the slide and the PT745 is absolutely flawless. If possible, make sure you can take the gun apart before buying it to look at it. Make sure the mags feel good and the release works without being too loose. You may not be able to shoot it before you buy it, but don't let the dealer refuse to let you take it apart.

Good luck.

November 22, 2007, 02:45 PM
Well, I just traded my brand new PT-140 pro for a Walther P-22.

Both so very different, and yet so very similar in the one respect...

November 22, 2007, 03:33 PM
VA...at least the Walther doesn't drop mags.
Plus w/ S&W backing them up in the warranty dept. I suspect no problems.

Actually gave the p22 to the wife. She's new into handguns, and has been tearing this up. So far No FTF's, FTE's ,FTGIB or most importantly dropped mags.

November 22, 2007, 05:13 PM
at the Beretta subsidary Stoeger, who now makes the Beretta Cougar 8000.
Have one in 9mm and love it. Really fits the hand, and shoots great.
Price is right also, with the same Beretta quality.

November 22, 2007, 07:34 PM
This is basically a repeat of a thread I started on another forum, but about a year ago I had a fit of stupidity and sold my 3rd generation PT145. Part of the reason I sold it was because I stupidly bought into all of the nay saying crap floating around the 'net about Taurus products even though I had about 500 trouble free rounds through mine. What was even stupider was that I sold it to a friend who took every opportunity to "remind" me of what a good, reliable shooter it really was.

Last month, he got into a bind and I helped him out, so he ended up owing me some money. Long story short, he asked me if he could repay me by giving the PT145 back to me, which I happily agreed to accept.

The first thing I did when I got it back was take it to the range and shoot another 200 trouble free rounds through it with the exception of 1 light primer strike on a reloaded cartridge which I attributed to an improperly seated primer.

I know that my friend put about 500 rounds through the gun while he had it, and it has since taken a couple of more trips to the range with me. To date this little gun that so many would call a POS has almost 2000 rounds through it with virtually no trouble at all. The only issues it has had other than that 1 light strike were due to a magazine that had some feed issues when I first got the gun. 1 call to Taurus later, I had a brand new magazine on the way free of charge. Since then, it has fed every round without fail.

I don't see the magazine issue as a a unique experience or a bad mark against Taurus. I had the same thing happen with a bad magazine when I bought my SA Mil-Spec. Furthermore, I have never had a mag drop issue with my Mil-Pro and mine seats the magazine firmly in place when I put it in the gun.

I don't make judgments on what other people claim to experience, But in regards to alot of the hate that Taurus gets, I'd suggest a very large grain of salt. :rolleyes: I have found mine to be a great, reliable little pistol that was one hell of a good buy.

michael t
November 22, 2007, 07:37 PM
Buy a Bersa 380 9mm 40 or 45 any one better than a T ,

November 22, 2007, 09:37 PM
Not sure if you ever saw my other post about the Millenium PT145 I bought. I was all excited about buying a cool little gun for cheap! I cleaned and lubed it, took it to the range, it jammed on round 5, again on round 55 or so. The 56 round caused more problems. The extractor retaining pin popped up out of the slide, extractor spring went flying, and extractor fell out. A complete FTE. My 3rd Taurus to fail out of 3! I got smart and returned it to my FFL. He got me a CZ Rami P stainless for less($350) than I paid for the Taurus and I got twice the gun! Never again! Only quality from here on out!

Walther PPK Stainless
New Model Super Blackhawk Stainless .44
CZ P-01
CZ Rami P Stainless
CZ 75B .40
Glock 17 Gen 1
Glock 22
TZ75 Series 88 Gov.
Sig P225
Winchester Mod. 94
Taurus 85 CH Stainless until I decide to sell

cold dead hands
November 23, 2007, 12:20 AM
The CZ RAMI is too big for pocket carry. I had problems with draw when I would practice. That and I have a Para WartHog that is the same size (and 10+1 in .45 beats 8+1 in .40 any day of the week) and weighs less than the RAMI.

Again I stress that this MUST be a pocket gun. Anything much bigger that J frame size is no good to me. The fattest part of the revolver is the cylinder so draw is a non-issue. Fat guns like the RAMI print too easily. Concealed means just that... I do not want somebody I.D.ing my peice. An Uncle Mikes pocket holster does fine for the revolver and would probably help with an auto, buy why chance being made? The J frame being uneven throughout breaks up that ''gun'' print. Having tried to carry a few autos, I know that they print more, especially while seated.

I was interested in the Taurus because of it's price, dimensions and capacity.
If I am forced to bu the Kahr MK 40 or 9 at almost twice the price because of it's size, then so be it. Though it dismays me that the .40 cal is only 6 rounds with mag extention.The 9mm is only 7 rounds max. I prefer to carry no less than ten rounds. That is part of the reason I want to quit carrying my revolver.

For those that suggested Bersa, thanks. I love my Bersa Thunder .40S&W full size. It is my house gun. Never have prolems with it. But I really don't want to carry a .380acp. If was going to do that I might as well go for a 9mm (why doesn't Bersa make that .380 as a 9mm option, it would sell like crazy) and I have little desrire to carry no less than .40 or .45. in an auto. That, and I really don't want to buy yet another caliber. I already have 6 handgun sizes as it is. I would sell my left hind foot to buy a quality Bersa made single stack in .40 the size (well, close to it anyway) of those little .380's. It would be a hell of a lot cheaper than a Kahr.

November 23, 2007, 01:24 AM
By the way, my Millenium Taurus was the newest generation. It felt like a great little gun, looked great, had plenty of ammo for it's size. I really wanted it to be what the pro Taurus guys out there claim. The one I had also shot about 6" low from about 8-10 feet when aiming at 6 o'clock. The group was also really spread out. It was completely unacceptable and I wouldn't rely on it. Like I was told at a gun shop "this is becoming a Taurus free zone, they have a lifetime repair policy because they need it."

November 25, 2007, 06:08 AM
If you really want to hear un-biased accounts go over the taurusarmed.net

while one person here had a problem with there PT140 and traded for a perfect P22 I would have to say that my Mil Pro's have been perfect and the 2 differnt P22's I shot were jam-o-matics so take everything you read on the net with a grain of salt

November 25, 2007, 09:06 AM
I am not a big fan of Taurus, but I bought a PT145 on impulse. I just thought a .45 in this small a package would be cool. I have about 500 trouble free rounds through it. The accuracy is excellent for a pistol of this size. I have no problem carrying this gun and recommending it to anyone.

November 25, 2007, 10:12 AM
Go to a Taurus website to get an un-biased account??? I gotta check this out!:rolleyes:

November 25, 2007, 03:32 PM
I've got the MilPro PT140 and PT145. They both have been great little pistols. The 140 probably has about 350 rounds through it with no problems at all. The 145 probably has 200 rounds through it, again without a failure of any kind. Both are very accurate for their size. Mine are both stainless.

I really like these little pistols.

Just my 2 cents.

November 25, 2007, 03:48 PM

I'm not downing Taurus. I'm actually a hard case. I'd really like to try the PT111- Pro. As I think theis caliber is more suited to the gun.

I had a bad run with the 140. (the whole process was jinxed from the start)

But, I will have to admit I came in jaded, and left disappointed.

November 25, 2007, 06:19 PM
I might consider buying another Taurus PT-145 if the dealer let me put 1,000 rounds through it, without flaw, prior to paying. 3 failures out of 3 guns for me just aren't good odds. I believe in paying a little more to get better quality at this point. All of these Taurus defenders keep wanting to prove what a great gun they got for cheap. I was there at one point until reality kicked in and sent Taurus pieces flying through the air and a total malfunction. I think it's a gamble. Some people get great Taurus guns out there and some don't. Any one of you Taurus guys would probably feel the same way if you had 3 of 3 guns fail and all need to be sent back to Taurus. I just won't trust my life with them. My top 3 that I carry are Glock, Sig, and CZ. Nobody can prove to me that any Taurus is better!!! Just trying to be informative for potential buyers, not trying to bash or ruffle feathers.