View Full Version : Any goose hunters (new or seasoned vets) in KY want to get together?

Kentucky Deer Hunter
November 14, 2007, 01:50 PM
I had a thought the other day...:rolleyes: As my username states, I was sitting out in the deer stand waiting for the big one, when I hear this amazingly loud noise coming from afar off.:eek: After about 2 minutes, a flock of geese (150 maybe) flew right over me in my stand and landed in the cornfield next to me. They stayed there for 2 hours eating and right at dusk, they flew back the way they came.

I have never been goose hunting, but after reading and remembering conversations and stories from past friends, it sounds like a great time. This past weekend, I would say that I saw a total of 300 geese and I started thinking... "Here I am in this deer stand waiting for Mr. Buck to come walking out so I can take a perfectly placed shot and hang him on my wall" (I do not mean any disrespect to deer hunting, that is my life and I am very passionate about doing it correctly, legally, and being humane)

I started thinking about goose hunting and how that when that flock gets in low, it would be a very fun, rapid shooting period followed by picking up your game and waiting for more to come in. It is a different type of hunting and I think that I would really enjoy it.

That being said, I thought it may be fun to get together with other people and go goose hunting. I am in the Central part of Kentucky (Frankfort, Lexington, etc...) I am WORKING on asking the farmer behind us if I can use his 197 acre cornfield this december as my property is mostly woods, etc...

If you would be interested in getting together, post or PM me. If you have a spot we can go, that would be great too. If we all contributed with our "sources" we could have a great season.

I hesitated to write this, but the worst thing that could happen would be that nobody would be interested and I will still go with my 2 brothers...

Anyways, just a thought...:rolleyes: