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November 13, 2007, 03:30 PM
I'm getting close to pulling the trigger (as it were :rolleyes:) an a suppressor, and I was hoping to get some input from you knowledgeable folks.
It's for my 9mm, a Beretta 92FS. I've got the threaded Jarvis Custom barrel already, 1/2x28'.
I've narrowed my choices down to the Gentech Trinity, the YHM Wraith, or the SWR Trident. I also like the size and weight of the AWC Abraxas Titanium, but that would strech the budget, but if people rave about it I'll just save up a little more.
Unfortunately an AAC evolution is out of my price range.
My class III guy recommends the SWR, as much for customer supprort and after-sales service as anything else. For price reasons I'm leaning toward the YHM.
If anyone would be so kind as to share their experiences with any of these three cans I'd be grateful.

November 13, 2007, 08:38 PM
If you cant spend the $$ or actually $$$ is more like it for an EVO-9. Then Id go with a YHM. They make good stuff and besides, quietness is relative.

November 13, 2007, 09:27 PM
I don't agree. I have the AAC 9mm EVO and I did wait. remember pay ONCE on a piece of equipment that last or spend a few less dollars and not get what you really want and end up buying the EVO down the road. The other are good but NOT as good as the EVO. I use mine on an AR15 SBR/ Sig and a 92F. Use a three lug and booster so again buy ONCE.

November 13, 2007, 11:10 PM
The SWR is every bit as effective as the EVO. I shoot in a steel league and most of us shoot suppressed 9mm AR's. Mine with the Phantom9 is by far the loudest. Another shooter has the Trident and yet another shooter has an EVO. I say that to my ear, the Trident takes the cake by a considerable margin. I tend to think that AAC is a bit overpriced, though they do offer an excellent product. YHM is up-and-coming, but there are better cans out there. SWR seems to be, IMHO, the go-to can for people who want a quiet 9mm and a robust can that can handle itself.

November 14, 2007, 12:17 AM
Of the suppressors you list: "Gemtech Trinity, the YHM Wraith, or the SWR Trident" IMHO the SWR Trident is the best. I would not recommend the Trinity -- the ones that I have heard are louder than other 9mm suppressors. I have both a SWR (PC-K2 rebuilt with later baffle stack) and a AAC EVO 9. They sound very very close to me and the Trident is even quieter. I have never heard the YHM 9mm suppressor, but I have their .22lr Mite and it is a nice can.