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October 28, 2007, 03:39 PM
I have a Winchester Model 70 manufactured in 1972. It is a long action factory chambered in .338 Win Mag. The recoil is brutal, I'd like to rebarrel in 7MM STW.

Will the 7MM STW fit in this action?

Harry Bonar
October 28, 2007, 07:45 PM
If you like the 338 WM you might buy a limb-saver recoil pad - they really work.
Harry B.
PS. If you do want a professional re- barrel job send it down to Douglas bbls. Charleston W.Va.
Harry B.

October 28, 2007, 08:52 PM
I had a post 64 in 300 WBY which should be the same length as the STW.It uses different scope bases than the standard length magnums so I think the action is longer or at least has a longer opening.

James K
October 28, 2007, 09:03 PM
I am not well acquainted with the 7mm STW, but Winchester made the Model 70 for it, so what you suggest shouldn't be that much of a problem. I suggest you talk to your gunsmith about it and see what he says. Note that just having a long enough action is not necessarily all there is to it. Those cartridges are different enough in profile that you might need to rework the magazine feed rails.


October 30, 2007, 06:43 PM
Let's see how the two cartridges compare in recoil, using Barnes' Cartridges of the World as a data source . . .

A typical 338 Mag load will push a 250 grain bullet at ~2710 ft/sec, using 70 grains of powder. Recoil energy in a 9 lb rifle will be around 36 ft. lbs.

A 7mm STW will push a 175 grain bullet at ~ 3109 ft/sec, using 90 grains of powder. Recoil energy in a 9 lb rifle will be around 33 ft. lbs.

Thanks to the extra powder, you really wouldn't be reducing recoil much with top loads.

You can download the 7mm STW, but you could do the same with the 338.

Suggest you run the numbers yourself and decide if the conversion is worth it.