View Full Version : Broken ejector rod Colt Python 357

October 28, 2007, 06:46 AM
As the title states, the tip was broken years ago. I bought it in 1978. It has never affected the performance of the gun. I just figure it's time to fix it. I was told once that it will unscrew but I don't now if it's a left hand or right hand thread. While holding the gun in my left hand and I open the cylinder and swing it out and am looking at the rod which way would I turn it? With my right hand out would my thumb go up or down. Thats the easiest way I can describe it for you. Another way I guess is clock wise or counter clock wise. Thanks for any info in advance.

October 28, 2007, 06:31 PM
A 1978 "should" be the new style ejector assembly.

To disassemble:
FIRST, drop three EMPTY cases in the chambers to support the ejector.

The ejector rod is RIGHT hand threads. Looking end on at the rod, you unscrew it by turning COUNTERCLOCKWISE.
Since the rod is broken and you have nothing to loose, grip the rod as close to the cylinder as you can with a set of Vise-Grips, then just unscrew it...RIGHT HAND THREADS.

Here's an exploded view of the Python so you'll know what's inside.

Basically, once you unscrew the rod you can pull the crane forward and out of the cylinder.
The ejector will come out the rear.
All that's left is the ejector rod bushing.
The ejector spring is a captive part held in by a threaded bushing in the crane.
There's no need to remove it.

To reassemble:
Put the ejector in the cylinder and put in the three EMPTY cases.
Put the ejector rod bushing on the ejector rod LARGE END FORWARD.
Put the crane in the cylinder.
Put the ejector rod in the front of the crane and tighten hand snug.

To tighten in place, put the rod head in a PADDED vise and rotate the cylinder to tighten the rod down.
You want it tight, but DO NOT STRIP THE THREADS.
You can put a TINY drop of BLUE Loctite or fingernail polish on the threads of the ejector rod to prevent it from unscrewing.

BE CAREFUL, botch any of this and you'll be in the deep stuff.
You can buy new rods, but ejectors are HAND FITTED at the factory and they DO NOT "drop in".
Strip an ejector and you better hope Colt can supply and fit a new one, because your local gunsmith can't.