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October 26, 2007, 03:39 PM
I know WA isn't keen on the idea because one-offs are expensive but...

I want the best pig gun I can get.

ATTT and I walked up on what could only be described as Pig Mafia.
The rain this year here in Texas has gotten the undergrowth up very tall and thick.
I had to keep looking down to make sure I wasn't walking into cactus.
I suspect he was doing the same.
We walked up and I was surprised.
I didn't see anything when I looked around. ATTT just opened fire.
About fifteen pigs that were tall enough to see thru the brush, scattered.
A few small flashes of the backs of small ones too.
ATTT was able to hit several with his AR-15. "Sqree's" galore.
I shot one that was running at me in the face with a 30-30.
It was prob 250 Lb.
It ran off, half faceless, screaming. Flesh dangling in the mesquite behind it.
We were only able to find one DRT.

Later that eve, we ran into 3 boars.
I dropped a 200 Lb one, two shots.
ATTT dropped a 300 Lb one, 6 shots, very close range. ~15 feet, charging.

I need a brush gun!

I am saving up for a SOCOM.
A .308 should be really handy. More energy than the old 30-30.
The prob in my mind is that the Hornady LeverEvolution ammo I used in the 30-30 at 10 feet, apparently isn't enough.
It must've been a thru-and-thru or a ricochet off the skull.
Same calibre, and at that distance, energy difference is a null factor.

A SOCOM is about 1600 to 1800 bucks.
A new Saiga is about 500 bucks.
Slugs are fine and dandy, but I may need to hit pigs at 50 yards +. (runners)
Long range accuracy isn't an issue. 100 yards +.

How much time and money would it take to have a AK platform operate the venerable 45-70?

In my mind it seems that it would be a natural conversion.
But, no one seems to have built one yet.
It seems a 20GA or 410 Saiga would be the easiest to convert.
And The cost difference between the SOCOM and Saiga will leave me the extra cash for said possible conversion.
Where can I get some information or manufacturer?

October 26, 2007, 08:17 PM
I have been to the Tromix site and plan on sending them an e-mail but...
Their conversion is for the 444 Marlin.
That cartridge is hard to find in my parts of the world.

If I used the 20G Saiga, the wider magazine may just allow for a staggered mag-well.

Any other manufacturers that I can get in contact with?
I am hopeing to have it by next year early summer.
Tromix is busy until 2009.

Harry Bonar
October 27, 2007, 01:19 PM
I assure you, your 30-30 is entirely adequate for "pigs" - "big-pigs" if hit correctly.
As a matter of fact it, the 30-30 would be adequate for all of the dinosaurs in the whole Mesozoic era, if hit correctly!
Harry B.

October 27, 2007, 04:31 PM
Oh, I'm sure it has killed every pig I hit with it.
It's just that a 10 ft hit in the head, on a large one, and it still ran away to die.

Tony Rumore was very kind and fast in his response...
.444 Marlin was used because it feeds well from a Saiga .410 magazine. The 45/70 is too wide. Making one-off custom magazines would be a nearly impossible chore for the 45/70.

The shark brakes can only be opened up to 30 cal, 5/8-24 thread. I can make a one-off larger one but it would run about $400.


That answers the questions concerning the Saiga 410.
So, it has to be a Saiga 20.

Thx Tony.

The biggest issue is the barrel then.
Tromix is thoroughly busy.
Is there any other reputable barrel manufacturer, AK assembler, anyone here can recommend me to contact?