View Full Version : AO M1 Carbine Range Report (No pics, sorry)

October 18, 2007, 10:33 AM
Just wanted to report that I took my new Auto-Ordinance M1 Carbine to the range yesterday.
The gun: Fit and finish are very good, the oiled walnut stock sets off the parkerized parts very nicely. Controls where they should be and the gun "felt right". You guys know what I mean.
The ammo: The only ammo they had available was Selier & Beloit, and it was a 110gr FMJ. I am not set up at present to reload, so I had to buy my range ammo.
The target: Targets were set up at 25 yards, that being the limit of the indoor range. Targets were standard Bulls-Eyes, 10" in diameter with a 1" red center. (I prefer my custom-made targets but did not have any on hand.)
The shooting: Feeding was fine, except there were a few failures to feed, but since that happened only with the last round a couple of times, I think it was likely the surplus magazine that caused the issue. A replacement spring in on the way. This was the first time the gun was fired, so I expect some breaking in issues. Carbine was fired from a standing position.
The results: Best group was about 1 1/2", and this is using the 100 yard peep sight that came with the gun. Better rear adjustable sights would likely yield tighter results.

The verdict: Definitely positive results, would very much like to use at a longer range, but the initial accuracy is promising. Looking forward to a lot of shooting with this one!

Ranger Al
October 22, 2007, 01:00 AM
100 yard would be the max, the gun is awesome for brush gun and will shoot on a dime! I wouldn't use it for anything more then 100 yard.