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October 16, 2007, 09:07 PM
I have a shotgun that seems to be VERY similar if not almost identical to fort harmers on page 21 of this forum. It is marked on the left side PARAGON MODEL CS.
On top of the left barrell is PROOF TESTED 12GA. On the underside of the left barrell is T22555, and below the left barrel on the reciever is T22555 followed shortly by the letter V.
The old post by harmer concludes he believes it is a Stevens Model 5100 or 311. I have researched online and found 2 possibles also, J Stevens, or Baker Arms. The schematics available online show the gun to be similar to the stevens, BUT, photos online of 5100's/311's and these schematics show a difference in placement of the pins that are located on the reciever.
The pics and schematics show these pins to be located, 1 on the rear of reciever close to stock on lower portion of reciever, 2 located slightly forward of the 1st and slighlty above also close to the chamber. On my gun the pins are oposite. The one nearest the stock is about 3/4" above bottom of reciever and the one forward of that is near the bottom of the reciever. Total opposites of the pics and schematics of Stevens shotguns. Any further info from anyone? I will not rest until I am 100%!!

October 17, 2007, 03:45 PM
Numrich has it listed with the Stevens 315, Springfield 1915 and Riverside double barrel. Also says:

"Fully finished replacement with buttplate and 2 5/8" tang. Fits guns marked Paragon or Ranger April 14, 1915."