View Full Version : IZH 94 12G/223 Rem. O/U

October 15, 2007, 10:23 AM
I gat a new IZH 94 Baikal Over/under 12 Guage / 223 rem combination gun. I wus hunting croks at a lake here in Paraguay, i tuck one wit the 223 frome 80 yards away with open sights, the open sights are pistolstyle and work very good I tuck a secound crok that gat in my way at 10 yards late at night, i fired the shotgun with 21 Bockshot, and than a secound shot in the head with the 223 rem. The gun performs well.
Any one has experiences with combination guns, i am looking for an other sight system maybe a shotgunscope or a holosight... any recomandatins?