View Full Version : Not your average Mossberg 500 - WOW!!

Smitty in CT
October 13, 2007, 05:07 PM
There is a Pedersen Model 4000 (custom model 500) on GunBroker.com, I really don't need another pump, but I'm going to keep an eye on this one....besides, it's for charity, right??

The ornately-engraved receiver for this extraordinary Pedersen Model 4000 has been locked up in the Mossberg vaults for decades waiting for the right occasion to be fitted to presentation-quality wood and made available to a discerning collector. We are honored that Mossberg has selected the Hunting Heritage Trust's "Treasures & Traditions" auction as that special occasion.

The Pedersen Model 4000s were originally produced by Mossberg circa 1975. Noted for bringing a custom-fit and look to customers for competitive prices, the 4000 features an ornate, full-coverage floral engraved receiver, further enhanced with a select American black walnut stock and forearm and a polished, deep blue metal finish.

This 12 gauge features 28-inch barrel and three screw in chokes (full, mod and IC).

Special Thanks to Mossberg for this very Special Donation!