View Full Version : New Ruger Hawkeye trigger help!

All in moderation
October 11, 2007, 10:56 PM
Brand new Ruger Hawkeye stainless synthetic in a 308. Love the rifle hate the lawyer trigger. I read an artical on tuning the trigger. It seems easy enough that I am going to do this myself. Just a few questions. Is the removal of metal done by hand, and if so what is the best tool to use? I read one guy uses a knife stone, but failed to mention what grits. I want to keep everything square and true so are hand tools the best way to go? How polished does the finish have to be? I look at it this way, if I mess it up, I will end up buying an after market trigger and problem is still solved. I am shooting for a trigger pull of about 3 lbs. Off the suject, but down the line I am looking to get a thumbhole stock, either a laminated or composite, does anyone know where to pick one up that fit this action? Sold every rifle I have ever owned, this one is going to go to my son when he is old enough. Hope he doesn't grow up to fast!

Harry Bonar
October 19, 2007, 05:09 PM
You, and the son, need not less than a 4# trigger on that 308.
You need a white grade ceramic stone from Brownells. A red ruby stone wouldn't hurt!
Do not change the angle of any parts and the finish needs to be mirror smooth!
Don't change any springs unless by Wolfe springs kits for you specific gun and then after all this - don't EVER rely on the safety - it is between your ears and is adusted with a blow from a blunt object to the temple area of the head.
There will be little effect, I think, after you're done - I'd order a replacement trigger from Brownells to start with and DON'T RELY ON IT!
Harry B.:D