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October 9, 2007, 02:57 PM
Hi, Here is the latest news from Knoxx:

BlackHawk® Acquires Knoxx Industries™

BlackHawk Products Group completed the acquisition of Knoxx Industries™, the leader in recoil solutions. The acquisition enables Knoxx to leverage BlackHawk’s world-class design, tooling and injection molding capabilities. In turn the endeavor will further expand BlackHawk’s product line, offering Knoxx’s leading edge recoil suppression technology for shotguns and rifles to its customers. This technology eliminates 95% of perceived felt recoil allowing shooters to shoot more, stay on target and follow up faster.

Mike Noell, President and CEO of BlackHawk Products Group, is thrilled about this new venture. He said, “Knoxx has done an outstanding job designing innovative products and developing its brand in the marketplace. This is such a great match for both companies. BlackHawk will get a new line of outstanding products and Knoxx will be able to accelerate product development and extend market reach.”

Knoxx, founded in 1998, will relocate its operations from Paso Robles, California. Product will now be manufactured at BlackHawk’s Boise facility with new inventory ready for BlackHawk dealers January of 2008. Jim Bentley, Founder and CEO, will move to Boise and work with BlackHawk’s Idaho and Montana design teams while Gary Cauble, Knoxx President, will join BlackHawk at its corporate headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia.

Mr. Cauble is looking forward to joining the BlackHawk team. He said, “We have been extremely gratified with the acceptance of Knoxx by the military, law enforcement and outdoors markets. Joining the BlackHawk team will enable Knoxx to speed up product development and get its products in the hands of more shooters around the world.”

About Knoxx Industries:
Knoxx Industries is the leader in recoil solutions. Current products include the CompStock™. This first truly effective shotgun recoil-reducing device marked the company's progress in recoil-suppression research, culminating in the new SpecOps Folder™ and finally the SpecOps Stock™. These replacement shotgun stocks reduce recoil and muzzle flip dramatically and are ideal for military, law enforcement, sporting and home defense uses. Recoil-reducing replacement stocks have been added for many varieties of bolt-action rifles with the Rifle CompStock™ and Axiom V/S Rifle Stocks™.

About BlackHawk Products Group
BlackHawk, founded in 1993 by President and CEO Mike Noell, is known as the manufacturer of the world’s finest military, law enforcement, outdoor and corporate security products. BlackHawk Products Group was formed in 2003 to accelerate the pace of introducing new products to the performance-oriented tactical market through intensive internal R&D initiatives and selective acquisitions. In 2005 the company launched its consumer hunting and shooting division and has experienced great success in this marketplace ever since. BlackHawk Products Group is committed to providing necessary gear for its customers to complete their missions.

More capital, fewer delays, more new products....Sounds good to me.

October 9, 2007, 09:45 PM
I hope Knoxx's quality control keeps up.