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October 4, 2007, 08:39 PM
Had just one bow last few years. Went a little bow-crazy this year.

After much learning, shooting, bow-swapping, etc., here's what I've ended up with for 2007 whitetail hunting:

1. For my traditional-only hunt in early Nov I got drawn for (no sights, no release, etc.), I'm using a 62" Shakespeare recurve bow (made in early 1960s), 55 lb. draw, with brush buttons, and tarantula string silencers. Arrows are 29" Carbon Express Thunderstorm SE (?.? gpi, ?? flex), goose feather 4" vanes, 125 gr Eastman Outdoors 2-blade broadheads, cut-on-contact, leather tab, 3-under hold, padded shelf rest, instinctive sighting.
2. Traditional backup bow is PSE Impala 45 lb takedown recurve [w/ same arrows, etc.].

3. For regular archery, I'm using the '07 Liberty 1 bow, set at about 67 lbs, short Allen stabilizer, Whisker Biscuit TCR*, Sims limbsaver cable & string silencers, caliper index finger release with nocking loop, front sight is Vital Gear 3-pin FO with rear peep, arrows are Easton carbon (10.0 gpi, 340 flex), 28.5", with 4" Quik Spin vanes, 125 gr Aftershock Archery "Hypershock" 2.75" cutting diameter chisel point mechanical broadheads. [I *may* switch the front sight out for a single-pin pendulum sight with extra-wrapped FO - either the Tru-Glo, the Cobra, or most likely the Impact Archery "Treetop" pendulum.]
4. Regular archery backup rig is '99 Hoyt Aspen, Carbonite limbs, set at about 63 lbs, Golden Key Futura funnel rest TCR*, Copper John Dead Nuts 3-pin FO front sight, peep rear, Sims Limbsaver string silencers, same release, arrows are 28.5" Easton Epic (8.7 gpi, 400 flex), with 2" Bohning Blazer vanes, and 100 gr Magnus Stinger serrated broadheads.

Too complicated, I know - I will sell the PSE Impala after my hunt, and may sell the Hoyt too at some point. Everything's tuned and shooting well though, except for my poor skill with the instinctive thing. I did get 8 of 8 arrows on a pie-plate sized target ONCE, with the Shakespeare bow, at 15.5-16 yds. I have since backed up to 20 yards. Now it's typically 3 or 4 out of 8 in the kill zone. :mad:

*TCR = Total Containment Rest. I like the Golden Key funnel rest better than the biscuit - it doesn't slow the arrow down as much.

What are youens using this year? Care to give the full rundown for me? Thanks.

October 4, 2007, 09:39 PM
SOS.Darton Bow.Fletch Hunter release.Archers Choice sights.Golden Key Futura rest.3-49/390 Easton Superlites.Razorback 5 broadheads.X-Ring Silicone dampener

They probably don't make half this stuff anymore.