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September 24, 2007, 05:09 PM

Please give me some direction.

I recently purchased an Armalite AR-24, and I like the gun big-time. But I do have a slight problem.... I use 115 grain ammo in all my various 9mm handguns, and each of the other guns shoot point of impact equal to point of aim...or slightly higher...at all practical distances (which is the way I like it).

But the AR-24 does not. At 20 yards, point of impact is approximately 2 inches lower than point of aim. Frankly, on a carry gun (which is what this is), that is not a particularly big problem, but I also want to shoot the gun in local IDPA matches. "Holding" slightly high for this gun when I hold "dead on" for the others is a distraction I do not need.

It would not be convenient to file down the front sight as the sights are 3-dot and filing down the front would screw up the alignment. I would also prefer not to go to heavier bullets, as I keep literally thousands of 115 grain bullets available for all my guns. Having one load for one gun and another for all the rest makes it a little inconvenient.

Do any of you have any suggestions where I might find after-market sights that would work for this gun? Or know whether the dovetail cuts for the front and rear sight are "standard"? The company has kindly responded to my e-mail regarding after-market accessories, but has no solution.

Where do I go from here?


September 24, 2007, 10:43 PM
Yeesh, on they didn't have any different sight sizes?

Quick, dirty and pretty easy is simply file the front sight down to raise your point of impact.

On a brand new pistol the company should be wiling to at least send you a new front sight if you screw it up badly.