View Full Version : Checked the Mosin dedicated sites...

September 23, 2007, 05:46 PM

I looked over the websites (that I know of) that are dedicated to the Mosin Nagant family of rifles (7.62x54r.net and mosinnagant.net) and couldn't find the answers.

I have a question that might not be known here as the Mosin dedicated sites mention it but list it as "unknown". It is a barrel stamping on a "25" in a triangle. It is on a M44 dated 1944 made at Izhevsk.

I can try to post some pics but this camera I have is horrible, and that goes the same for my picture taking abilities.

Thanks a bunch

EDIT: I found out the cartridge origins. Now I want to see if anyone knows what the "Triangle 25" is.