View Full Version : Remingtons New 770 Bolt Action 270 Win.

September 21, 2007, 09:18 PM
I was in Academy Sports the other night and was looking thru their gun racks and underneath the racks where they keep there boxed guns I noticed they had one of the new Remington 770's ( 710 Replacement ) I asked to look at the gun and the guy at the store took it out of the box and it was stainless steel, i was really surprised, most are blue steel, anyway we put the bolt in and i got the gun and worked and cycled the bolt a few times, I noticed that they did away with the nylon insert the bolt glides on, let me tell ya Remington has done a nice job on this, the bolt cycled effortlessy, and was smooth as glass, heck it locked up very smooth and easy, ( not hard like the 710 ) The new stock design is neat as well, the trigger guard is straight in the back but is a lot more rugged than its counterpart the 710, the gun shoulders easy and the gun points excellent and the grip is nice, trigger pull was very nice as well, very little creep but it broke nice and crisp, not hard at all, they still come with the Bushnell scope package as did the 710.
Well the gun seemed to be priced right for a stainless steel gun and scope package at 380.00 a few more dollars than the 710 but with a lot of improvement. Walmart was closing out their 710's at 250.00 i guess to make way for the new models, I thought what the heck and bought this rifle and took it home with me , next day i stripped the bushnell scope off and put a Nikon Buckmaster 3x9x40 on it with better rings as well and took off to the range with some winchester 130 grain power point soft points and some of the remington managed recoil 115 grain core locks, recoil is supposed to be reduced 50% with this load and shoot as accurately as the full power loads without any scope adjustment, I did a Ballistic check on the 270 win. managed recoil load and it seemed to be ballistically the same as the 257 Roberts and very close to 243 winchester in 100 grain.
I bore sighted and started with the winchester 130 grain pp. onlt took 2 shots to get bullseye at 50 yards, I fired 4 rounds all finding the bullseye ( I only had a 50 yard range where i was shooting at ) I switched over to the managed recoil loads and new target, no scope adjustment needed 4 shots again found bullseye, let me tell ya this stuff is sweet shooting, like shooting a 30-30 or 243, the gun shot MOA, and i was very impressed, gonna have to go find a 100 yard range and see what the gun will do, but the gun seems to be a very good shooter and Remington has done a very good job on this gun with the improvements they have made. I know a lot of people have slammed the 710 and i personally have had no experiance with the 710 version but the 770 seems to be a lot better gun than its counter part the 710.:)

September 21, 2007, 09:39 PM
Sounds interesting to me. Let us know how it shoots at 100. Good that they worked on the bolt, because the 710 was pretty rough.

September 22, 2007, 02:39 PM
Yes the bolt is very nice, i think they finally got this thing goin on and learned a lot from what people thought of the 710, will let everyone know how it does at 100 yards:)