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September 18, 2007, 04:07 PM
Mounted a Unertl scope with dehorned mounts on a old Savage model 19 nra.After zeroing the scope,I had to adjust so far left that the adjustment cap wouldnt scew on(not enough thread exposed on adjustment screw).Dont really want to drill more holes it has 8 already.Is there a way to shim a dehorned mount to allow the cap to screw on? How do you repair too many holes drilled into a rifle?

Harry Bonar
September 20, 2007, 03:56 PM
I really sympathize with your problem - your fine old rifle has been butchered by someone!
This is the only solution I know of to remount the long scope and restore its integrity and your feelings about it.
Remove the scope, fill all the holes and re-,mount the scope using the proper bases and rings.

You CAN fill the holes - use mild steel screws and tin them and holes in bbl with soft solder and the screws and screw them in under heat - (BUT NOT CLEAR TO THE BOTTOM OF HOLE) because when you peen the heads over SECURELY you don't wand to injure the bore. File them almost flat and then with a small ball-pien peen the heads FLAT (nothing should show).
Smooth this over with a fine file and then with some 240 grit paper make it smoother. Use some of the new G-96 liqiud gun bluer, or Brownells oxpho-blue and oil.
Level your rifle action to a flat surface choose a place where it's clear to drill and tap and coat the areas with layout dye and with a level on a fine paralel file mark the center line on the bbl. Put PROPER bases there and scribe a hole, use a 36 drill to drill and then a 31 for 6x48 screws. Make sure base is level and true (DO NOT SHIM - YOU SHOULDNT NEED TO!!!!!) and continue doing your drilling and taping. Do the Rear too. Things should be RIGHT then and you can take pride in your rifle knowing in your heart it's RIGHT.
Harry B.

P.S. Shimming is for idiots. don't ever be caught doing it.

September 20, 2007, 06:20 PM
Harry Bonar,Thank you for putting my head right.I have had this Unertl scope for a year,until last week I could never find a rifle that it matched well with.I finally found this Savage 19 nra that had the "look" that matched.To me there is something special about the old classic rifles with the older scopes.The combination just worked great.

I was worried about filling the holes would destroy the finish of the metal.I didnt want to reblue this rifle,I like the aged look of the metal.

You are right about shimming.No matter how well the rifle looked or shot,if shimmed,I would know it wasnt "right".That alone would detract from the enjoyment of this rifle.

My own abilites are not that good at smithing.I will take it to a good gunsmith to be restored.Thanks for helping me think straight.:)