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September 10, 2007, 05:19 AM
Hello, I am fairly new to your awesome forums and site and thought I'd take the plunge and show you all my latest project.
I bought a Chinese 1887 replica to use on Pigs, as my once favourite pump-guns were made "illegal"some years ago and I have pined for a fast scatter repeater ever since. I used to love using a pump action 12G with solids and a red dot site, I just couldn't find a better combo for pigs in thick scrub. devastating, fast and just sexy.
Well I really got used to the 1887 but it's very basic "but functional" sights left me wanting. So I brainstormed for a few days and made a few rough drawings for some potential scope mounts for the old girl. The biggest hurdle was that I wanted to come up with something that required little or no permanent modification to the firearm. I didn't want to drill and tap the barrel or put any unsightly holes in the receiver.... It had to be removeable and not leave a scar.
Anyway, here are the results so far, I have to pull it off and do a final clean up and polish for aesthetics, but essentially and structurally it is finished. The Block was all machined out of a piece of 40X40 Aluminium and a section of blank rail was pressed into a milled slot and then bolted for a bit more permanency. The bore for the barrel is tapered for a neater finish but has 0.020" clearance for expansion. The block is a "slip" fit over the mag tube and two high tensile cap-screws run through it, parallel the barrel and mag and secure the whole thing to the reciever.
I didn't drill any extra holes to accomodate these bolts, just tapped the already existing ones that used to accomodate the locatiing dowels for the timber fore-end. These were then plugged and then the plugs drilled and tapped a smaller size to accept the mounting bolts. The wood now slips into the new scope mount block where the heads of the bolts are recessed. So in effect I just moved the whole thing (fore-end) about 36mm towards the muzzle. No modifications to the timber at all and the only "scars"on the gun itself are two 6 X 1mm threads where the fore end used to locate, so they'll never even be seen. Everyones happy!:D
I hope the photos work and I'll let you all know how it goes in the field.... Which reminds me..... I am gearing up to hand load my own slugs instead of buying them (expensive over here!!!) any good recipes for a smoothbore? I want to cast my own slugs preferably. Thanks in advance for your help. Regards, Luke