View Full Version : EAA Elite's, wondering...

September 9, 2007, 02:12 AM
if conversions kits to other calibers are available, or if due to be "custom" worked guns, do they not offer kits? I'm thinking of picking one up, and I prefer 9mm for now, but down the road maybe I'll want a 40, but I might have a shot at a 40 at a show today, so am sort of curious if I might be able to order a 9mm conversion for it if so. As well as if the 9mm can go up to a 40?

any help appreciated

September 9, 2007, 02:26 AM
The conversion kits will work. I doubt they will be as nice as a true Elite in the converted caliber. The Elites have a good bit of hand fitting. I have several Elite Stocks and they are worth the extra money.

September 9, 2007, 10:22 PM
thanks for the input. The dealer I always check at local shows had 4 Match's today, but they were .45 .40 and 10mm, and I am wanting a 9mm for now :( Mostly, it's just too expensive to shoot a lot and it's not like I'm good enough to worry about winning if I go to a competition :) But they sure are nice guns. Hopefully I can find one over the next few months..

kart racer
September 9, 2007, 10:44 PM
check with reeds ammo.