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September 5, 2007, 02:33 PM
I'm looking at getting a new shotgun. I have had semi auto's before (A-5, 1100) but never a 3.5, which I want, I know some will say get a 3 inch and use hevi-shot for geese, well, maybe I will, but for now I am looking at a 3.5 and I have a list of guns I want some input on.
Remington SPR453 - Russian made-the cheapest of my choices but I hear good things - $359
Winchester SX2 - $599
Browning Silver Stalker - $769
Smith and Wesson Super 1012 - Made in Turkey - haven't heard much - $604
These are wholesale prices that my brother can get for me.

The reason I have picked these is that I have held them all, they all feel good and I can afford them all. The browning is by far the most that I want to spend.
So, for function, reliability, ability to shoot light 2 3/4 all the way to heavy 3 1/2 reliably, which one would you choose?

September 5, 2007, 05:35 PM
I would go with the silver stalker in a 28" barrel if having the capability of shooting a 3 1/2" shell is really what you want. Like others have probably told you - you may not every use it in 3 1/2" - but so what, if that's what you want. It looks like a good basic gun.

Before you buy though, I would recommend you look over the product offerings from Benelli - they may be more money, so rule them out if you want, but at least look them over before you buy. I own a lot of Browning shotguns - but the Benelli is a superior system in my opinion over any of the gas operted guns. I especially like the Benelli comfort tech system. Just look over your options before you buy - that's all I'm saying.