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September 3, 2007, 03:25 AM
Hevi-Shot has come out with a load they call “Dead Coyote”. Because the shot is heavier than lead, I can understand that it will penetrate better than lead and certainly better than steel, but just how much more? Supposedly the “T” shot (20 caliber) will go completely through a gooses body at 40 yards. I do not know what this would equate to in ballistic gelatin.

I would think that even normal lead BB size shot would be more lethal than 00 Buck, IF you could get it to penetrate to the same depth as 00 Buck, simply because there would be a great deal more holes (70 vs 9-12). The reality is that smaller shot just won’t penetrate deeply enough and the very reason 00 Buck is used instead.

I can also understand that heavier shot may give a tighter pattern at a given distance over lead, but just how much tighter?

The Dead Coyote comes in 00B (12 pellets of 33 caliber) moving at 1350-fps and “T” Shot (51 pellets of 20 caliber) moving at 1300-fps. Now, I may be wrong, but it would seem to me that if the “T” shot would penetrate as deep or nearly as deep as standard lead 00 Buck or 0 Buck, then it would be more effective because it is making about 40 more holes than the Buck, even though the “T shot pellets are 3.3 mms smaller

00B (12 pellets) 33 caliber (8.38mm) @ 1350-fps
T-Shot (51 pellets) 20 caliber (5.08mm) @ 1300-fps

Does anyone know where I might find information on the penetration ability and patterning of this Hevi-Shot load (Dead Coyote). I suspect there is a web site somewhere that may have this info, but dang if I can find it. If the T-shot will take down coyotes at 50+ yards, I am thinking it will penetrate adequately. If so, as a self defense round used on 2 legged goblins, it would be devastating on such out to 15 yards (home defense distances). I am thinking that if it will go through and through on a gooses body at 40 yards, it should probably make a 13-15” deep hole in ballistic gelatin. I base this on pure guess work and have no data to back it up. This is why I am asking for leads and opinions here.

I wish they would make a load in #2 Buck (270 caliber) because I bet the penetration would be adequate and it would have nearly double the pellets of 00 Buck. I would think they could also make a fairly good 20-guage round using #2 Buck.

Please, serious replies only

Thanks - TEX

Brad Clodfelter
September 3, 2007, 04:00 PM
I can't answer your question because I have no experience with that new load of Hevi-Shot. I can tell you that the Hevi-Shot turkey loads that I have shot shoot tighter than copper plated, nickel, or just plain lead shot. I got a 98% pattern shooting a Hevi-Shot 3.5" 1 and 3/4oz load of #6's at 40yds out of my Browning Gold auto. I think I was using a .670 Comp-N-Choke choke tube. I have never come close to that with any lead shot load. But for $2 a pop, I will just be happy shooting my Win 2 and 1/4oz #4 loads that pattern 90% consistantly out of my Mossberg 835 with a .695 Undertaker choke tube. I have taken turkeys out to 59yds with this set-up. A bird at 50yds is consistantly toast. My testing at 50yds on cardboard proves it to me. I killed another turkey at 53yds using the same set-up, and he went straight down. Now I agree with those that say call the birds in closer, but you tell that to all the turkeys that seem to hang up at 50yds or just a little more. Why let a bird walk away, when you can change your setup and take him today? A bird in hand is better than 2 in the bush.


nutty ned
September 3, 2007, 04:44 PM
I only read a little; but, if it is close up/room distances you are thinking about
any load of any shot is good enough.