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September 1, 2007, 07:09 PM
I ordered an IWB Kydex holster for my .40S&W P229R DAK recently and it just came in today. The company I ordered it from (I don't want to mention their name, because on Tuesday I'm going to talk to them about this issue for the first time and I don't want anybody here forming any initial bad thoughts of this company (this company is great (I have done business with them for a while now, their top-notch)) and I'm sure it was an honest mistake/mix-up on either their end or mine) wrote only P229 on the invoice and also engraved P229 on the holster itself (not P229R or P229 Rail). On the phone when I ordered it, I told the lady it was the new production rail version of the P229 (P229R) in .40S&W (their website shows they make the holster for both the older non-rail version of the P229 (P229) and the new version with the rail (P229R)).

Okay, all you Sig Gurus out there: My question is: Does the new P229R use a wider/different slide than the older non-rail P229 does? I basically had to fully remove the new holster's two retention screws, down by the muzzle end of the holster, just to get the P229R in there. Even then, talk about an extremely super tight fit in and out of the holster after that (no way it can be considered a correct fit). I can tell by looking down the holster as I try to push the Sig down into the holster that it is the slide that is rubbing up tightly against the inside of the holster and not the frame rail part at all. What I'm assuming (yep, you should never assume ;)) is that they gave me a holster for the older non-railed version of the P229 (P229) and that the newer production P229Rs use a wider slide than the original P229's used. Is this correct? I always thought the main/only difference between a P229 and a P229R was the rail on the frame. Can somebody clarify that the newer P229R uses a wider slide than the non-rail P229 uses or not. I'm also wondering does the 9mm version of the P229R use a thinner slide than the .40S&W version does? Maybe that's the mix-up instead (they gave me a 9mm P229R holster instead of a .40 one). I guess I'll have to wait a little longer before I can carry my new Sig, oh well. Thanks.:)

September 1, 2007, 08:51 PM
You need a different holster for the railed and non railed guns. The frame on the railed guns is what the issue is. A non railed gun will fit a railed holster, but not vice versa.

I know for a fact that the P239's have different holsters for the 40/357SIG vs 9mm's, I wasnt aware of the 229's having that issue, unless its something new.

September 2, 2007, 05:22 PM
Well, I checked Comp-Tac's website (since they are one of the biggest Kydex holster manufacturers) to see what different ordering configuration options they offer for Kydex holsters for the P229 series (to give me some ideas on what could have gone wrong with the other company that I bought from). It appears there are four ordering options for the P229 (as well for the P226):
P229 40/357 with Rail
P229 40/357 without Rail
P229 9mm with Rail
P229 9mm without Rail

Based on those order options, I'm starting to definitely think that the .40/.357 P229Rs have wider slides than the 9mm P229Rs do. Which, probably means they gave me a holster that fits a 9mm P229R, instead of one for a .40/.357 P229R. However, Sigarms' website doesn't show/state a difference in overall slide width between 9mm P226 or P229 models and .40/.357 P226 or P229 models anywhere that I can find. Very strange.

AK103K, I went back and looked at the side profiles of the holster at the muzzle end and it looks like it is molded for a frame rail version of a P229 (hard to tell since I don't own a non-rail P229 or P226 to compare to). Which, is why I'm leaning towards the theory that they gave me a 9mm P229R version holster, instead of one fitted for a .40/.357 P229R (like I said before it appears that it is the slide that is rubbing/pushing out on holster's inside walls, not the frame rail part when holstering the gun). Hopefully, when I call them on Tuesday morning they will know immediately what happened/the problem is when I explain how the Sig is fitting into the holster.

September 2, 2007, 06:04 PM
I have a Blade Tech kydex IWB holster for my P229R's, which are .357SIG's. When I bought it, the options were railed or not railed, and I bought the railed as thats what mine are.

I also have P226R's, a P220R, and P220's and the same Blade Tech holster for them. The P220 and P226 normally use the same holster. I got the railed holster so I could use all of them in it, and they work fine.

The Blade Tech IWB I have for my P239 listed specifically by caliber.

I also have a couple of Milt Sparks VMII's and a couple of Desantis leather belt holsters for all of the above. Both makers spec'd the holsters as either rail or no rail, except for the P239, which was broke down as 9mm or .40/357SIG.

Maybe the holster makers are just making things a little more specific so they can sell more.

September 2, 2007, 10:15 PM
I believe I solved the mystery.:D

I decided to put the holster's two retention screws back in (to about the same depth as my other holsters' screws are set, not too far in) and try some of my other pistols I own that I thought were sort of the right size that could possibly fit into this holster. G19, CZ P-01, SW99 compact, etc. None of them even came close to fitting right. I then remembered my P239 9mm DAK (the only other Sig I own), a little shorter than a P229 in length and height, but more importantly (in this case) narrower in the slide than a P229. Sure enough it fit the holster like a perfect glove (perfect fit and retention in every way). I'm guessing the person who created the holster marked it as a P229 by mistake, when it should been marked P239. I'm wondering now if someone else who recently ordered a holster for a P239 got my P229R holster and I have his/hers.:D The company I ordered from only makes each holster after it is ordered (they don't mass produce and keep an inventory on hand). Stranger things have happened.

.357 SIG
March 9, 2008, 04:14 AM
However YES, the 229 and the 229R use different sized holsters. The R slide is wider, and I have had to modify one of my kydex holsters to accommodate it's width.