View Full Version : CA definition of a forward pistol grip?

August 19, 2007, 03:30 AM
the law is stricter here than in most states, as most know. in addition to the ban on high capacity mags (over 10 rounds) our law says we cannot have semi-automatic, centerfire rifles with detachable mags PLUS the conditions a-f.
a)pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously under the action of the weapon.
b)thumbhole stock
c)folding or telescoping stock
d)grenade launcher/flare launcher
e)flash suppressor
f)forward pistol grip

the CALIF assault weapon law continues that NO semi-automatic Pistols may have a 2nd handgrip. that means no forward grip whatsoever but certainly is clear that the intention is different than that for the semi-automatic rifle which says no forward pistol grip.

the rifle law is pretty clear. we know what a), b), c) look like, and know if the rifle has a d) grenade launcher function. e) was addressed by replacing the flash suppressor with a muzzle brake. but what is unclear is what is the definition of a "forward pistol grip"? i get the image of the old "tommy gun" in black & white movies, but when i shop for real life products there are plenty of gadgets to grab onto that mount forward and under like a bipod, a flashlight, or laser that aren't shaped like a pistol grip - but may include some sort of area which functions as a grab-handle. .


any lawful californians who understand the Bill of Rights including the 1st & 2nd amendments, have any opinins?