View Full Version : Kittery Trading Post...if they say they have it in stock, don't believe them!

August 18, 2007, 10:16 PM
Anyone who's looked at KTP's used guns site will have seen the engine that supposedly lets you see what they have in stock.

I looked through it. I found a used Lasermax for a Beretta 92 for $175.

I called, of course. Yes, they had it.

I drove 50 miles to KTP, figuring that was worth $150 off the usual price of the thing.

They did not have it. They could not find it. They said "Sorry, we don't have it." I don't think they really know what they have. Their inventory is a mess, unrelated guns stacked far too close together in unlit cases, and there's no order to anything.

And it's still on the inventory on the website as being in stock!

So if they supposedly have something you want in their used gun inventory...don't plan a trip based on that, or you're likely to be disappointed.

August 20, 2007, 09:51 AM
Personally, I've had good luck with them. I call first, & I always request the clerk on the phone that I'll hold, if he would please go get the item in his hand so we can discuss condition and price. They were always helpful to me, and came back on the line with the item in their hand, so I knew they had it.
Sorry your experience did not go well....I too hate making a trip for nothing.