View Full Version : Special Argie Mauser?

August 18, 2007, 07:41 AM
HI! A couple of days ago I acquired an Argentine Mauser. It is in it's original configuration, 7.65 x 53, long barrel. All matching serial numbers K34xx except the cleaning rod, which has a different serial number from 1911 and the butt plate is not numbered. Were original butt plates on the Argentine Mausers serialized?

The serial number indicates it was made in 1910 and is of Deutsche Waffen Und Munitionseabriken (DWM) manufacture. The gun does have an import mark on the side of the barrel under the front sight, I think CAI. The gun does have it's Argentine crest on the top of the receiver. The bluing is probably 98% with just a couple rub marks along the barrel. The bore is rather dull, but not pitted or damaged in any way and the rifling seems sharp and crisp. There is no rust in the action. The stock has the original finish and has the usual dents and dings, but nothing major. I have shot the PRVI ammo through it and it is not all the accurate, but I haven't had the chance to handload for it to really see how accurate it is.

It seems to be a 100% complete original gun. Are there any pieces/parts that normally are missing that I should look for? What might the value range be for it?

Thanks for any info!