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August 15, 2007, 09:32 PM
I inherited a octagon barrel (24 inch) .25 cal. breech loader single shot rifle from my grandfather. He inherited it from his grandfather. Marked Belgium under the barrel and a n inside of a circle. Under forearm is a script H. The stock is one piece. Hammer is centered behind breech and it has to be cocked back to open breech. Has buck horn type rear sight and slotted blade front. IG and the number 14 on left side of breech. Has trigger guard with extra curl on trigger guard similar to Marlin Ballard rifles. I do not have pictures yet. But any help would be appreciated.:confused::confused:

August 18, 2007, 06:24 AM
One well made picture is better than 1000 words.
Multiply by X for X x 1000.
Life can be easy.

James K
August 18, 2007, 11:16 AM
Even without a picture, I can tell you that those little rifles were imported by the ton in the pre-WWI era. Most were .22 short or .22 Flobert, but some were .25 or .32 rimfire. The .25's were chambered for the .25 Stevens Short, long obsolete.

Most were falling or tipping block actions; they were not strong and cannot be converted to any other cartridge. Modern .22's should never be fired in the .22 versions. The .22 Flobert rifles didn't have any breechblock; the falling hammer served to keep the pressure in.

The value is nominal, even in top condition. But, as a family heirloom it is, as they say, priceless.