View Full Version : YHM Mite Range Report

August 15, 2007, 09:31 PM
My YHM Mite arrived at my dealers recently and when I went over and signed the paperwork we shot the Mite side by side with my Gemtech Outback II. The Mite was brand new and the OBII has a lot of use. It is my experience that suppressors get slightly quieter once they have a little carbon on the baffles. The OBII had a little less of a FRP and was very slightly quieter on most of the shots. Very easy disassemble, stainless blast baffle. I think I will like this one. Guns were Ruger MK II and 22/45 same threaded length barrel and CCI MiniMags were the ammo.


Sorry about the photographs. Not only did this silencer suck all the sound out of the air (my dealer and I could only hear the first word of each sentence) but it also sucked some of the light out of my flash.