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August 2, 2007, 02:36 PM
coming up on a new firearms purchase. i thought i had it figured out, and was going to get the frontier in a week or so. then the shop got in a 527 in 223 and i got to handle it and even use the cz set trigger. i really like it, and now i am having second thoughts. the ruger is nice, and is chambered in the most powerful round in the running, but the 7.62x39 would be fine for anything im likely to run into around here up to black bear in a pinch. i wouldnt go out looking for one with it, but its similar enough to a 30-30 that i wouldnt be scared. now, the cz is $50 less, but i would want a second mag so thats taken up right away. i would have to add sights to the ruger because it has none at all. thats the biggest drawback i have on that one right now. i looked at the RSI model (the only 308 in the ruger lineup with irons) and i just dont like it. in the end, the cz gets the edge price wise and it has sights, and i could easily scope it with what i already have. the .223 made it to the running as the used one is like new, but $100 less than the new 7.62 which would have to be ordered. about the only thing that would tip the scale on that one would be the ability to convert it to taking ar mags, but it looks like thats impossible. maybe i can custom rig a beta mag :rolleyes:

back to the task at hand. i would be using which ever one i choose within its capabilities. i wont expect the 223 to take a deer, though i know it could, nor the x39 for elk. the biggest plus on the .308 is the versatility, though in this area the x39 would do most things as well. for what its worth, i dont even use a rifle much for hunting, im a longbow kinda guy. but, uncle sugar wont sell me an ah64 so i will stay with stick and string :p i would most likely just have it with me anytime i went to the woods without a definite goal. again the x39 has the edge because its lighter. if you cant tell, im now leaning towards the 527 in 7.62x39, where as yesterday my mind was made up on the m77. hence the difficulty now. its gonna be one of these 3, hopefully around this time next week i will be able to order whichever one i want or walk out with the 223.

someone help me!

August 2, 2007, 02:43 PM
I have a couple Ruger 77s (in addition to rifles by many other makers). IMO, they don't shoot as accurately as other makes due to the goofy angled front action screw. If you want an accurate rifle, spend your money on the CZ.

August 2, 2007, 03:07 PM
i want a field rifle, punching paper is best left to someone else

August 2, 2007, 07:03 PM
Years ago I picked up a used Ruger 77 in stainless in 762X39. Nice, except for that UGLY ARSE plastic stock with "R U G E R" molded in the flat buttstock.

Shot bookoo amounts of Wolf through it.
Even used it to reach out and pop a few trespassing jack rabbits :p and a yote or two.

Yea I sold it to finance my AR addiction :D though.

44 AMP
August 2, 2007, 09:40 PM
Considering the chouces you are giving us, I would choose the Ruger, for two reasons. One, the caliber. .308 Winchester easily out performs the .30 Russian short (7.62x39), and the .223 in the game fields. More powerful, greater useable range. You may seldom need the extra power and range, but when you need them, you need them. Even though the rifle and ammo may be marginally heavier (and for hunting, just how is that little bit an issue?), with the .308 you always have it's full capability with you. Using the .30 Russian (like the .30-30), if you need to make a long shot, it will be more difficult than with the .308. As far as the .223 goes, it is a fine varmint round, not a deer round. It doesn't matter that Uncle Sam thinks it is just fine for people, most states think it is too light for deer. It will kill deer, but you shouldn't hunt deer with a .223 for sport. If hunting for survival, use whatever you have.

reason number two: Ruger is American made and owned. This may not be a big thing to you, but it means something to me. I am not a big fan of the model 77, or what Ruger has turned it into in the last 20 years, but of the two choices you gave, I would choose the Ruger.

If you are at the point in your life where the $50 price difference between the rifles makes a critical difference to you, then go with what you can afford rather than going without. BUT, if not, why not consider the fact that even though the Ruger costs a bit more, the money stays in this country, and helps some American citizen (like the Ruger factory worker).

And if the $50 price difference is really important because money is tight, maybe you ouot to be looking at used rifles instead. Lots and lots of used rifles that have lots and lots of good life left, and usually at a price below new ones.

chris in va
August 3, 2007, 01:27 AM
I have the CZ carbine in x39. It shoots great and I prefer the iron sights with the fast handling gun that it is.

One caveat, you *must* buy the special CZ rings for it. Pretty costly.

August 3, 2007, 09:23 AM
Another nod for the ruger. Instead of sights, why not get a 2x forward mounted scope, what was meant for this rifle, and a timeny trigger. I agree with 44amp about the "but American" aspect too. Also, have you considered the Ruger #1-A. Has a 22 inch barrel, but only 2 inches longer than the frontier. Also comes with open sights, decent triggers, and can be found on gunbroker for just about $100 more than the frontier. Not to mention, IMHO, they are the best looking production rifles out there.

August 3, 2007, 10:15 AM
The CZ is better, and *may* even help teach capitalization.

August 3, 2007, 02:39 PM
thanks everyone, i guess the ruger is the one.

pst, i didnt asks what i should do instead of sights. if i only wanted sights, i would get the compact and add sights to that, or the rsi and a different stock. i want the frontier. it will have an aimpoint on it until i can get a leupold scout scope. as far as i know, no 2x scopes will work with the frontier. i tried it with a pistol scope and the eye relief is just too long to work with the intermediate distance of the rail. its less than an inch, and may be fixed with a longer stock, but then im just barely on the end. i like the shorter lop anyway.

ff, i will not learn capitalization. too many aar's typed up with cap locks on. at least i punctuate and use smilies :D