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February 24, 2000, 01:22 PM
Report Details Vast Spy Network

Updated 9:50 AM ET February 23, 2000

By CONSTANT BRAND, Associated Press Writer
BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP) - A U.S.-led communications monitoring network is intercepting "billions of messages per hour" including telephone calls, fax transmissions and private e-mails, according to a European Parliament report made public Wednesday.

"We are not talking about a trivial thing here ... we cannot stop them, they will continue," said Ducan Campbell, author of the special parliament-commissioned report on the Echelon spy-network.

Campbell said that the intelligence network monitors and intercepts sensitive European-wide commercial communications. "The level of use is getting out of control," he told a packed hearing of the Parliament's Committee for Justice and Home Affairs.

He said Canada, Britain, Australia and New Zealand are also involved in Echelon. Other nations including France and Germany also participate in a lower level in the spy-network which dates back 50 years to the beginning of the Cold War.

"The capacity of the filtering systems is enormous," Campbell said. He added that most international internet communications are being routed through the United States and through nine known U.S. National Security Agency interception sites.

Intelligence facilities located in the five countries can intercept fax, e-mail or telephone communications easily he said. Campbell urged the European Union to take action to protect against unwanted interception of communications, which he said were violations of human rights.
Committee chairman Graham Watson said he wanted to be sure the international surveillance system was not abusing its powers.

Campbell said Microsoft, IBM, and a certain "large American microchip maker" were providing certain product features which allow the interception of information flow.
Campbell said he did not know whether the U.S. corporations were benefiting from the information gathering but said previous commercial espionage resulted in the collapse of several European contracts in the airline industry - both military and commercial.

February 24, 2000, 01:47 PM
I heard about this last night on NPR. IIRC, France was pretty upset that England was using and sharing the information with other English-speaking nations, rather than with their fellow Europeans. Getting an advantage for their own businesses, and not sharing with the rest of the EU seems to be heightening tensions between those folks even more.


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February 24, 2000, 01:53 PM
Echelon has been around for many years and is WORLDWIDE.


February 24, 2000, 02:01 PM
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March 1, 2000, 04:21 PM
Echelon "Keyword" List

Explosives, guns, assassination, conspiracy, primers, detonators,
initiators, main charge, nuclear charges, ambush, sniping, motorcade,
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SO13, Rojdykarna, airframe, 510, EuroFed, Avi, shelter, Crypto AG

March 1, 2000, 04:36 PM
Skyhawk, could you do an alpha/numeric sort for us? My eyes are still glazed over!!!...PB

"live free or die"

March 1, 2000, 04:37 PM
"Bubba?" I can be monitored for referring to "bubba?"

Bubba BubbaBubbaBubbaBubbaBubbaBubbaBubbaBubbaBubbaBubbaBubbaBubbaBubba


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March 1, 2000, 04:45 PM
What source was used to obtain these keywords?

March 1, 2000, 04:57 PM
Go to "The Real Echelon List" at

March 1, 2000, 05:33 PM
1378 phrases
Have MS word
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$, $ @, &, (), *&, .375, .45, .ch, .li, .tc, .tm, :, ^, ^?, ^X, ~, +=, 1*, 1071, 1071, 1080H, 11Emc Choe, 127, 15kg, 17, 1911, 1984, 1997, 2.3 Oz., 20, 2010, 226, 22nd SAS, 2600 Magazine, 2c, 2E781, 2EME REP, 3, 310, 312, 32, 355ml, 36, 3848, 3B2, 3M, 3P-HV, 414, 50BMG, 50MZ, 51, 510, 52 52 N - 03 03 W, 5926, 5ESS, 64 Vauxhall Cross, 69, 7, 701, 707, 737, 747, 757, 767, 777, 7NL SBS,800, 8182, 868, 877, 888, a, ABC, Abdurahmon, ACC, Active X, ADIU, advise, advisors, afsatcom, AFSPC, AG, agencies, AHPCRC, AIEWS, AIMSX, Air Force One, airframe, AK-47, AKR, AKS-74, Aladdin, Albright, Alica, Alouette, amatol, ambush, AMEMB, amfo, Amherst, AMW, Analyzer, anarchy, ANC, Anonymous, ANZUS, AOL, AOL TOS, ARC, Archives, Area51, argus, Armani, ARPA, Artichoke, ASDIC, ASIC, ASIO, ASIO, ASIS, ASIS, ASLET, ASO, ASPIC, assassinate, assassination, assault team, Asset, AST, ASU, ASVC, ASWS, AT, AT&T, Atlas, Audiotel, Aum, Austin, Avi, AVN, b, B.D.M., B61-11, B61-7, b9, Badger, ballistic media, bank, BAR, Baranyi, basement, BATF, BATF, BBE, BCCI, bce, BECCA, Becker, beef, Bellcore, bemd, benelux, Bess, bet, Beyond Hope, BfV, BIOL, BIOLWPN, bird dog, BITNET, black-bag, Blackbird, blackjack, Blacklisted 411, Blackmednet, Blacknet, Black-Ops, Blenheim, Bletchley Park, blow out, Blowfish, Blowpipe, BMDO, BNC, BND, Bob, body armor, boobytraps, BOP, BOSS, BOSS, botux, BRGE, BRIGAND, BRLO, Broadside, BROMURE, BSS, BTM, Bubba, Bubba the Love Sponge, BUDS, Bugs Bunny, bullion, burhop, burned, buzzer, BVD, BX, BZ, c, c4, Cable & Wireless, Canine, CANSLO, Capricorn, Cap-Stun, captain, cards, CATO, CAVE, CBM, CBNRC, CBOT, CCC, CCS, CCSC, CCSQ, CCSS, CDA, CDC, CdC, cdi, CDMA, Ceridian, CESID, CFC, CFD, chaining, chameleon man, Chan, charcoal, charges, Chelsea, Chicago Crust, Chicago Posse, Chobetsu, chosen, CIA, CIA-DST, CID, CIDA, CIM, CIO, CipherTAC-2000, CIS, CISD, CISE, CISSP, Clandestine, claymore, clone, CNCIS, cocaine, cocaine, COCOT, Coderpunks, codes, Cohiba, Colonel, Comirex, Commecen, communications, Competitor, composition b, Compsec, Compsec 97, Computer Terrorism, condor, conspiracy, Consul, contacts, CONUS, cordite, Cornflower, Corporate Security, COS, COSMOS, Counter Terrorism Security, counterintelligence, Counterterrorism, Covert Video, Cowboy, CQB, CQB, CRA, credit card, cryptanalysis, Crypto AG, crypto-anarchy, CSC, CSE, csim, csystems, CTP, CTP, CTU, CTU, CUD, curly, cybercash, Cypherpunks, d, D-11, Daisy, Dake, data havens, data-haven, DATTA, DC6, DCJFTF, DCSS, DDIS, ddnp, DDR&E, Dead, DEADBEEF, debugging, Defcon, DefCon V, Defcon VI, Defense Information Warfare, defensive elements, delay mechanism, Delta, Delta Force, DERA, DES, detcord, detection, detonators, DEVGRP, DF, DIA, Dictionary, Digicash, DITSA, diwn, DJC, DNR, DODIG, DOE, DOE, Dolch, domestic disruption, dort, DPSD, DRA, DREC, DREO, DRM, DSD, DSD, DSS, DST, DT, Duress, DUVDEVAN, DynCorp, E.O.D., E.T., E911, e95, EADA, eavesdropping, E-Bomb, e-cash, Echelon, ECHELON ASTS, Edens, EDI, edition, EG&G, Egret, Electron, Electronic Surveillance, ELF, Elvis, Embassy, embassy, emc, Emerson, emm, Encryption, Enforcers, enigma, EO, EO, EOD, EODC, EODG, EODN, EPL, erco, ERR, ESN, Espionage, ETA, Etacs, eternity server, EUB, EuroFed, evasion, Event Security, executive, Exon Shell, explicit, Explosives, F-22, Faber, Face, fake, FAL, FALN, fangs, FAS, Fax, Fax encryption, FBI, FBI, FBIS, FCA, FCIC, FDM, Fernspah, Fetish, FID, filofax, FINCEN, finks, FIPS140-1, Firefly, Firewalls, FIS, fish, fissionable, FKS, Flame, FLAME, Flashbangs, FLETC, Flintlock, FLiR, Flu, FMS,FN-MAG, forcast, force, forschung, Fort Meade, Forte, Fortezza, Fox, fraud, freedom, Freeh, fritz, froglegs, FSB, Ft. 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Team, S/Key, SAAM, SABC, SABENA, SACLANT, SACLANTCEN, SADCC, SADF, SADMS, SADRS, SADT, SAFE, SAI, SALDV, Salsa, salt peter, SAMCOMM, SAMF, SAMU, SAO, SAP, SAPM, SAPT, SAR, SARA, SARD, sardine, Sardine, SARL, SART, SAS, SASCOM, SASP, SASR, SASSTIXS, SASSTIXS, SATCOMA, Satellite imagery, Satellite phones, SATKA, SAW, Sayeret Golani, Sayeret Mat'Kal, Sayeret Tzanhanim, SBI, SBIRS, SBS, SBU, SC, schloss, SCIF, screws, Scud, Scully, SDF, SDI, SDIS, SE, SEAL, SEAL Team 3, Sears Tower, SecDef, secops, Secret Service, Secure, Secure Internet Connections, secure shell, Security Consulting, Security Evaluation, security forces, SEIDM, SEL, SEMTEX, Sergeyev, SERT, SETA, Sex, SFOD-D, SFPD, SG530, SG540, SGC, SGDN, SGDN, SGI, SHA, Shaldag, SHAPE, shaped charges, Shayet-13, shelter, Shelton, SHF, Shipiro, shrapnel, SHS, Siemens, SIG, SIGDASYS, SIGDEV, SIGS, sigvoice, silencers, siliconpimp, silver nitrite, SIN, SIRC, SISDE, SISMI, site, Skorpion MP, Skytel, SL-1, SLI, SLIP, Small Pox, smuggle, sneakers, sniper, sniping, SNT, snuffle, snullen, SO13, SOCIMI 821 SMG, SONANGOL, SORO, Soros, sorot, SORT, South Africa, SP4, Spall, Speakeasy, special forces, speedbump, Spetznaz, Sphinx, spies, SPINTCOM, Spoke, spook, spook words, spookwords, sport, Spyderco, squib, SRI, srt, SRT, ssa, SSCI, SSL, ssor, ST1, stakeout, Standford, Stanley, STARLAN, Starr, STE, STEEPLEBUSH, Stego, STEN, STEP, Stephanie, Steve Case, Stingers, STTC, SUAEWICS, SUBACS, submiss, subsonic rounds, subversives, Sugar Grove, SUKLO, sulfur, Summercon, SUN, Sundevil, supercomputer, SUPIR, SUR, SURSAT, SURVIAC, SUSLO, SUW, SVR, SWAT, sweep, sweeping, SWS, T Branch, T2S2, TA SAS, Taiwan, Tajik, Talent, Tangimoana Beach, Tanzania, TDM, TDR, TDYC, teflon bullets, tekka, Telex, telex, TELINT, TELINT, TEMPEST, Templar, Templeton, Terrorism Defensive Information, Tess, tetryl, Texas, TEXTA, THAAD, the, the football, thermite, Threat, Ti, TIE, Tie-fighter, tiger, Time, timers, timing devices, TNT, toad, Toeffler, Toffler, Tokyo, Tools, top secret, TRD, TRDL, Trump, TRW, TSCI, TSCM, TUSA, TWA, TWA, Tzvrif, UDT, UHF, UKUSA, unclassified, UNCPCJ, Undercover, Unit 5707, Unit 669, unix, Unix Security, UNSCOM, UOP, USACIL, USAFA, USCG, USCODE, USCOI, USDOJ, USP, USP, USSS, UT/RUS, utopia, UTU, UXO, UXO, Uzi, Uzi, Uziel, Vale, van, Vanuatu, varon, veggie, Verisign, VHF, VIA, Vinnell, VIP, VIP Protection, Virii, virtual, virus, Visa/BCC, VLSI, VNET, VOA, W, W3, Wackendude, Wackenhutt, Waihopai, walburn, Walther MPL, Walther WA2000, WANK, WAS, WASS, watchers, weapons, Weekly World News, wetsu, White House, white noise, Whitewater, WID, WID, William Gates, WINGS, WIR, wire transfer, WISDIM, wojo, World Domination, WORM, WQC, Wu, wwics, WWSP, WWSV, X400, XM, XS4ALL, Yakima, Yobie, York, Yukon, Z, Z-150T, Z-200, Z7, Zen, zip, ZL31, zone,

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