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Tommy Vercetti
June 19, 2007, 03:25 PM
you can donate or buy a knife for a soldier through Brigade Quartermasters or Smoky Mountain Knife Works

"There can be no triumph without loss ...
No victory without suffering ...
No freedom without sacrifice."
Smoky Mountain Knife Works® will ship knives donated by purchase or monetary donation via UPS, which has donated its services, to our partner in this program, Brigade Quartermasters®.

They will include one of the donated free knives. The soldier will then be surprised with your donation upon opening the package. This goes directly to active soldiers, making a real difference.

SMKW cannot make any exceptions to this program and we cannot make any direct shipments to specific soldiers in the States or overseas.

Each package will contain a letter to the soldier along with the names and addresses of those who donated the knife or donated money to purchase the knife.