View Full Version : 'Scope for rimfire silhouette matches

Smokey Joe
May 21, 2007, 06:07 PM
Have recently lucked in to a beautiful Winchester Model 75 sporter--not target. It already has a Weaver 'scope, a narrow-gauge item about 3/4" diameter, which is cloudy to look through, especially at 100 yd.

The rifle groups decently, though, at 100 yd, with CCI Mini-Mag Silhouette ammo--about 1 1/2" group off the bench. (It was a bright sunny day, so the target was sort of visible through the 'scope.)

My local club has rimfire silhouette matches, and perhaps I could use this rifle to compete in these matches, except for the cloudiness of the 'scope.

So, what do I replace this 'scope with? Brownell's has the 1" diameter rings for the mount, BTW, so a 1" diameter 'scope is not a problem. What do other 100 yd. rimfire silhouette competitiors use? What do squirrel hunters use? I've never before owned a .22 with a 'scope.

Suggestions, anyone?

May 21, 2007, 06:24 PM
Sounds like a good setup, except for the scope. Those old 3/4" scopes were no good even back when they were all that you could get for a 22. I chose a Fowler 6X with a ballistic reticle calibrated for 22 LR hi-velocity rounds. Surprisingly, it works very well. My other 22s wear Leupold 4X and 2-7X scopes. A nice variable wouldn't be bad, something like a 2-7X or 3-9X lets you hold real close at 100 yds.

I have a 77/22 Target Grey that I have been shooting in rimfire varmint matches. Basically any position shooting at targets at varying ranges. Limits on varmint match rifles-
* Scope- no more than 6X (for club shoots they tape variables at one setting, but I'm told that for a major shoot they might not allow a variable).
* Weight- no more than 9 lbs IIRC.
* Trigger pull must be 3 lbs or over.

For different matches they have different rules, so might be a good idea to talk to the person at the local club that is in charge of the matches you want to shoot.