View Full Version : Two new longguns on order

May 20, 2007, 11:40 PM
Put down $$ on two new ones:

1. CZ 453 Varmint, .17 HMR

2. Baikal (Rem Spartan) combo gun, .223 over / 12 gauge under

Anyone got a suggestion for an optic for the Baikal that will work with both the 12 ga yet provide a little precision on the .223? Maybe a Leupold 1-4x20mm VX1, or a dot sight....

P.S. My current .17 Hummer rig, which works great, is now on sale here - I feel fairly cheaply:


May 21, 2007, 04:44 PM
I also ordered yesterday this new cheapie airgun for starlings/grackles:


Except I got it for $102 plus shipping from Amazon... It's not a real German Beeman of course though.

But I needed a new one to keep outside the safe by the back door....here's how I came to that conclusion....went camping Sat night with my brother and nephews (age 7 and 5). Decided to let them shoot the Crosman RM377 (similar to the Quest 800), which is supposed to deliver up to 800 fps in .177. Well we were shooting at empty spring water bottles at about 5 yards and get this - the flat wadcutter pellets weren't even penetrating the thin plastic of the water bottle! The pointed pellets would zip right through both sides, but the wadcutters would only dent it! :eek: What the heck? Very weird since just a couple weeks ago I killed a couple grackles high in a tree across the street at over 35 yards as the pellet flies, and they dropped like a rock. Amazing how little power is needed to kill a bird. Nevertheless, I've had some fly off too, and I always chalk it up to a miss. But now I'm thinking that some may be hits with pellets just literally bouncing off them. I think the main spring must have weakened over the past couple years. So as a result, wanted to get a 1,000 fps advertised gun this time, so that if the springs weaken on this one, then it should come down to a 700-800 fps gun, which is still plenty for birds.

Anyway, the "Beeman" seemed like a decent value in an under $200 airgun. Also considered the Baikal/Ishmash, and one of the new Mendozas. Also considered the TechForce 99, but had read yesterday some reviews that they're junk, so passed on them.

P.S. Oops, now I'm reading at Cabela's that this Beeman is junk too! Dangit; shoulda ordered the Mendoza or the Baikal I guess. Hmmm.

P.P.S. Just found this cool airgun review site:


The reviews are all over the place on the Beeman SS1000 - a couple that say it's the devil's gun, up to quite a few glowing reports, too - who knows...