View Full Version : kimber montana 8400 synthetic (report) from 1st time rifle owner

May 20, 2007, 11:10 PM
finally got to the range and had a blast.

took my 30-06 with some rem core lokt psp 180gr and sighted in for 100 m target.

have a Leupold 3x9x40 euro german #4 scope and started firing (dont know too much about this scope, any ideas?).

put the rifle on a bench and after 6 test shots got her dialed in at 100m (12 clicks up, 4 clicks left from bore sight).

shot 3 rds... all three rds hit within a 3" shoot-nc target...Lucky me, light frontal breeze.

decided to put 5 more rds at it, which resulted in 1 flyer or pulled shot, equalling 7 out of 8 at 100m

moved on to 200m, and had an 8in shoot-nc target set up, since 100m was dead on(close enuf 4 me),

I aimed 4in high(with my eyes, maybe 4-6in high) and let go 5 rds into that target, (using 9x power on the scope).

All 5 rds hit the target and from left to right were all center mass( even w/bull ) but spread about 1 in apart...had 1 bullseye:D

time to shoot offhand-

the difference for me between a bench and standing was night and day...I could hit the cardboard at 100m everyshot standing, but never hit my 3in target...closest I came was 4 inches from outermost edge of target.

shot 4 more and like I said earlier, was happy to hit cardboard...was all over, but on the cardboard(obviously I need to practice and never even tried at 200m)

The trigger on this rifle was ever so consistent and the kick was not even thought about for the 10 rds or so I fired offhand.

I am really looking forward to firing this rifle more and getting her dialed in.

I really was nervous for the first few rds fired, but the bench and the hits straight out of the box made me feel confident.

after my first trip to the range and the fact that while on a bench it hits bulls...

are there any comments that can help a newbie? still havent tried 300m, and my native Alaskan friend who has been helping me tells me I need to hit 300m offhand(I can barely do 100m....lol)

anyhow...I am happy with this setup as of day 1.

will report back next week for day 2


Art Eatman
May 21, 2007, 08:02 AM
Some learning tricks, with quite a bit of practice required: First is to learn to shoot between heartbeats. Every time your heart beats, there is a slight jump in your body parts. It's quite noticeable if the scope's magnification is up on 9X.

The average lag time for homo sapiens between the time the brains says, "Do something!" and the body responds is 0.2 seconds. You have to learn where the crosshairs are going to be, 0.2 seconds after you tell your trigger finger to press the trigger.

If you're shooting at a running animal or at a bird, you aim so the bullet/shot and the target meet somewhere "out there", right? Same sort of deal: You tell your finger to press so that the crosshairs and the target-center are the same when the rifle actually goes Bang.

Not easy.